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Top 10 Rolex 2023 Predictions: New Rolex Models, Pricing, & When We’ll See Them

Discover our Top 10 Rolex 2023 Predictions, what watches will be released, price increases, & what will be discontinued.

Update: Rolex has released their new 2023 watches. Discover everything Rolex released this year.

Rolex 2023 Predictions

It’s that time of year again where the Rolex community starts getting restless wondering what the brand will do in the upcoming year. The hype is usually always focused on if Rolex will increase their prices, what popular Rolex watches will get discontinued, or what colored variations of existing collections will get introduced. It’s safe to say that 2023 will be no different.

In the past, expectations for Rolex releases are always high but once their announcement comes we are usually always left with wanting more. Here at Wrist Advisor, we want to think bigger and that is the reason why we are doing our 5th annual Rolex predictions article with our 2023 edition.

For our Rolex 2023 predictions we’ll forecast what is likely to happen from Rolex based on historical and market research. It is important to remind our readers that like in our previous 4 years of doing this, our top 10 Rolex 2023 predictions are speculative and our opinion.

Before we jump into what Rolex will do in 2023, let’s first recap what they released in 2022. The three standout releases from the previous year was the new green left handed GMT Master II, complete redesign of the Air King, and the introduction of green dial 36mm and 41mm Datejust. The overall consensus was last years releases where a little lackluster with a bit of confusion sprinkled in. It was the left handed GMT that left many confused but that watch has been going for a premium on the pre-owned market so it’s obviously doing well.

Ok, now it’s time for our Rolex 2023 predictions. I think you’ll agree, along with ourselves, that the list is bold but honestly it should be. Rolex is a brand with high expectations and the possibilities are endless. Plus who wants to dream of a bland announcement for 2023.

Provide your feedback on our Rolex predictions at the bottom of the page or message us to let us know what your predictions are.

1. Rolex Will Do A Price Increase For 2023

Although we may not want to hear it, Rolex will be doing a price increase in 2023. The demand for their watches is just too high not to. It’s also worth considering that everything from materials, logistics, and wages having increased over the last couple years, Rolex isn’t in a position to just sit there and eat those additional costs.

2. Rolex Authorized Dealer Supply Will Be Improved

With Rolex reducing their authorized dealer network and with their increased investment into production, the supply of Rolex watches at their retail locations will be improved in 2023. This is great news if you live in an area with one or multiple Rolex authorized dealers but could come as let down if the nearest location is two hours away.

If you need advice buying watches from a Rolex authorized dealer, check out our guide.

The most anticipated part of the Rolex 2023 announcement wont be what they released but what Rolex discontinued. It is like this every year. The community instantly inspects the Rolex website to find what is missing, which leads to what they discontinued.

In 2023, Rolex will discontinue either one or multiple of their popular stainless steel watches, in our opinion. This would give room to the production of more precious metal models, which drives more revenue for the brand.

Yes I know that is easy to forecast but this year we anticipate more than usual being discontinued and it being a chance for Rolex to clear the deck. These models could include the Batman, Pepsi, Wimbledon Datejust, colored Oyster Perpetuals, and the Kermit.

4. We’ll Get Surprised With A Solid Gold Datejust

Our biggest Rolex 2023 prediction is that Rolex will release either a solid yellow or rose gold Datejust on the jubilee bracelet. The Datejust collection is the most popular and most iconic, especially on the jubilee. Releasing a gold reference would be a pleasant blast from the past and really give this collection a champion. This may just be my opinion but if I had a choice between the Day Date bracelet or the jubilee bracelet in solid gold, hands down I’m goin with the jubilee every day.

It is no secret that Rolex is evolving their business more toward precious metal watches. It makes sense if you truly think about it? Rolex is going to sell every watch they produce anyways so why not sell more watches with higher margin right? There used to be days where authorized dealers would have to discount solid gold Daytona’s but those are long gone. That is why we don’t think it would be unrealistic if Rolex released a solid gold Datejust in 2023.

5. The Submariner Will Get A New Colored Dial In Stainless Steel Models

Rolex has been on the forefront of incorporating color into their watches. They led the movement of green sport watches and two years ago shook the watch community with the Tiffany blue dial OP. We predict that in 2023 Rolex will release a Submariner with a red dial / bezel combination.

To be fair, if Rolex does do this they couldn’t be considered the leaders because Omega and IWC has championed the red dial in the past year but their success has been thrilling. By far the most popular Omega Aqua Terra from last year was the terracotta red dial. It’s uncommon that Omega watches generate a long wait list but it’s happened. We fully expect Rolex to tap into this trend and truly deliver a brilliant new Submariner.

6. A New Two Tone GMT Master II

For years we have been predicting Rolex to bring back the Coke (red/black bezel) since they brought back the Pepsi (red/blue bezel) but this year is different. For 2023 Rolex will either release a new two tone GMT Master II with an all green bezel or an all Tiffany blue bezel.

Historically these two colors have been some of Rolex most successful. It would only make sense to launch one of them on a new two tone GMT Master II, which would honestly make it the best new watch of 2023.

7. New 2023 Rolex Watches Will Be Available Upon Their Launch

Watch brands, including Rolex, have been terrible of announcing new watches but not having them hit stores until half a year later. With production normalized, and some may even say improved, we expect Rolex to flood their authorized dealers with the new 2023 watches immediately upon their release.

If you really pay attention, Rolex does listen to their community. A great example is how over the last 2 years they have made deliberate decisions to counter the grey market. The reason why we listed this in our Rolex 2023 prediction is because the lag time between launch and availability has typically been subpar and voiced by the Rolex community. Let’s hope we see improvement in that this year.

8. Used Rolex Prices Will Decline In 2023

As economies continue to slide, it is not inconceivable to expect that the pre-owned market for Rolex watches to decline. Globally we are trending toward tightening spending as rates increase and with that luxury goods will naturally decline. In my opinion this is a good thing. The pre-owned Rolex market has got out of hand and is in need of a correction. Expect that in 2023 used Rolex prices will continue to decline.

Outside of the economy, it’s been credibly reported that Rolex has actually improved their production output. If that is true it’s just another factor that will contribute to the used market not being as strong in 2023 as it has been in the past.

We’ve written a great article on the decline of the watch market and how the “flippers” and the grey market have been impacted. Check it out.

9. Rolex Will Release Their New Watches At Watches & Wonders 2023

Rolex will release their new 2023 watches at Watches & Wonders on March 27th, 2023. That is the first official date of the annual watch event and it just so happens to be that Rolex attended it last year. It’s logical that Rolex will continue to be at the show and showcase their new watches on the first day.

10. More Ladies Rolex Sport Watch Options For 2023

Rolex does tremendous at selling the Datejust collection to women but we foresee more options for ladies with stainless steel sport watches in 2023. We’re not quite sure how Rolex will do it but we anticipate it being a focus moving forward. If this were to happen, we predict it would most likely mean a 37mm Submariner that would fit perfectly on a ladies wrist.

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