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Rolex Batman GMT Master II Review & Why It’s Fit For World Travel

The Rolex Batman GMT Master II is a trusted companion of world travelers. Find out why the Rolex Batman is a near perfect GMT watch.

Rolex Batman GMT Review

The Rolex Batman GMT is one of the most popular Rolex watches and one of the most unobtainable as well. This stainless steel sports model provides a 24hr GTM bezel that is half blue and half black, thus representing a dark night, which is why it earned its nickname The Batman.

Stainless steel Rolex sports watches are some of the most sought after in the world and the Rolex Batman GMT Master II is one of the most in-demand. In 2013 the first reference of the Rolex Batman GMT was released, ref. 116710BLNR. At the time of the 2013 release, the Batman Saga was in full swing and the dark night just seemed fitting for a watch of this caliber.

This was the first time that Rolex introduced blue and black together. In the past Rolex released blue & red and red & black bezel combination but this was completely new, which some consider a major move from Rolex. Since the Rolex Batman release, it became an instant classic and has become a grail watch for many Rolex collectors. It is a watch that hasn’t been seen in authorized dealer cases in years and one that sells well above retail on the pre-owned market.

As of right now, the new 2021 Rolex GMT Master II Oyster Bracelet commands the highest pre-owned price for a couple reasons. This is the reference that we were fortunate enough to get hands on for this review. The first is that many consider the Oyster bracelet to be the best option for the Batman. Personally, I 100% agree. The second is because the 2021 Batman Oyster Bracelet reference has the improved 70hr power reserve, the 3285 movement. This combination has given enthusiasts the bracelet they want with the improved movement they desire.

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Traveling With The Rolex Batman GMT Master II

What makes traveling with the Rolex Batman GMT special is that owners not only can travel in complete style and comfort, they can also travel with the confidence that they have an upper echelon GMT watch on their wrist. Rolex is known for making watches that can be depended on the most and be comfortable at the same time. When you consider the difficulties of traveling, it’s a breath of fresh air to look down and appreciate your watch and have the piece of mind that you can trust your travel companion.

Let’s talk about the GMT function because it’s the main secondary complication. The black and blue 24hr bezel is firm and yet smooth with a 24 position that is bi-directional. When entering a new time zone, Rolex has made it simple to adjust the time. Without stopping to reset the watch, the Rolex 3285 movement allows for the Rolex Batman GMT Master II to jump the hour hand for quick adjustments. Finally the date complication will move forward and backward when quick adjusting the hour hand. All of these features combined with build quality make the Rolex Batman GMT one of the best travel watches.

Rolex GMT Master II Batman

Improved In-House Rolex 3285 Calibre

One of the most favorable features of the Rolex GMT Master II Batman is the upgraded 3285 movement. Not only does the 3285 have an improved power reserve of 70hrs but it also compete against the impressive anti-magnetic Omega calibres.

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Bracelet Options

The current bracelet options for the Rolex Batman GMT are the Oyster and Jubilee. Both are extremely comfortable and designed to perfection. From our conversation with Rolex authorized dealers, Rolex produces equal amounts of both. Starting in 2021, owners can now buy an additional bracelet for Rolex GMT watches for both current and older Batman references.

2021 Rolex Batman GMT Oyster Bracelet 126710BLNR

The 2021 Rolex Batman GMT Master II on the Oyster bracelet is the perfect mixture of what Rolex collectors are looking for. Many collectors enjoy the Batman on an Oyster bracelet but until recently the upgrade 3285 movement was only available on the Jubilee bracelet. It was exciting to see Rolex release a reference in 2021 that included an Oyster bracelet on a Rolex Batman GMT with the 3285 calibre.

Rolex Batman GMT Oyster Bracelet

Legibility Of A Rolex Dial

Rolex is known for legibility and that hold true for the GMT Master II collection. The flat black dial on the Rolex Batman GMT is remarkably a deep black and is contrasted with luminous hour markers lined in white gold. After experiencing this watch for awhile, it was apparent why so many Rolex watches share similar dials. It’s because they simply provide one of the best quick look legible experiences.

126710BLNR Specs

Case Size40mm
BezelCerachrome (Ceramic)
Water Resistance100m
CrownTriple Lock Screw Down
MovementAutomatic / Self-Winding
Accuracy-2/+2 Seconds Per Day
Power Reserve70 Hours
ComplicationsDate, GMT
Rolex Batman GMT Bezel

Rolex Batman GMT Master II Pricing & Availability

Rolex Batman GMT watches can be purchased new for $10,750 MSRP and as much as $21,995 on the pre-owned market. The substantial increase in pre-owned prices is due the the limited availability of these watches.

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Waitlist For The Rolex Batman GMT

The Rolex Batman GMT is one of the watches that has a lengthly waitlist. Expect to wait 1-2 years if you have a good relationship with your Rolex authorized dealer to purchase this watch.

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Overall the time that we’ve had with the Rolex Batman GMT Master II was completely enjoyable. The watch wears comfortable, it looks amazing, and it functions exactly like a watch of this caliber should. If you can get your hands on the Rolex Batman GMT, buy it! You won’t regret it.

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