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Rolex Sprite GMT Master II Review & It’s Left Handed Design Explained

The left handed Rolex Sprite GMT Master II is as much controversial as it is amazing. Discover the Rolex Sprite with our full review.

Rolex Sprite GMT Review

In 2022, Rolex released the newest reference to the GMT Master II collection, the Sprite. This GMT watch features a black and iconic Rolex green bezel. You’d think that is what most people would get excited about, or at least talking about but you’re wrong. The new Rolex Sprite GMT Master II has been and will always be controversial because its Rolex first left handed watch. It’s not only the crown that has been positioned on the other side either, the date window is a well.

For better or worse, everyone has been talking about the Rolex Sprite GMT Master II. Even though this watch is designed for roughly 10% of the population and is out of character for Rolex, demand for this watch is extremely high. I spoke with a Rolex authorized dealer and she relayed to me that the day the 126720VTNR was released, her phone battery died from the amount of texts she was receiving from clients.

Let’s ignore the hype for a second and talk about this watch for what it is. The 126720VTNR is the first in the GMT Master II collection to have a green bezel and if you’re honest with yourself, it is every bit as impressive as the others currently in production. Speaking from experience, I currently own the Batman, Rolex produces excellent GMT watches that are 100% fit for world travel. Rolex is well known for executing green to perfection and that hasn’t changed with the sprite.

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The Left Handed Design Of The Rolex Sprite Explained

Many are wondering why is it that Rolex decided to release a left handed watch. I mean it’s not something anyone would ever expect and completely out of the norm for them. Let’s remember that when Rolex changes the color of a dial everyone runs to their authorized dealer with blank checks. I’d say that they actually did something much better than just changing a dial color to make people go crazy, the changed the direction of the entire watch. The most talked about watch during Watches & Wonders 2022 was no doubtably the Rolex Sprite GMT Master II. So who wins yet again? Rolex.

Rolex Sprite GMT Master II Watch

In-House Calibre 3285 Movement

Powering the Rolex Sprite GMT Master II is the in-house calibre 3285 automatic movement. The 3285 is part of the current generation of of Rolex calibres that features a 70 hour power reserve and is COSC certified. It is worth noting that the 3285 movement in the Pepsi and Batman is different than the 3285 in the Sprite. Modifications were needed to mirror the movement to fit the crown and date wheel located at the 9 o’clock position.

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Available On Both The Oyster Bracelet & Jubilee

The Rolex Sprite is available on both the Oyster bracelet and Jubilee. Choosing which type of bracelet, in my opinion, can really change which type of watch you get. Both the Oyster and the Jubilee are considered by man to be the best in the industry and I don’t disagree. In the past Rolex has corned buyers into one or the other for the GMT Master II collection until 2021. For those who are trying to decide which bracelet is right for you, we’ll offer our opinion. The Oyster bracelet is more sporty and ready for every day wear. The Jubilee is flashier and has a dressier feel, if that is what you’re into. Either way you cant go wrong with either on the Rolex Sprite GMT Master II.

Rolex Sprite GMT Master II Bezel


As always, the Rolex dial is perfection. Legibility scores a 10/10, luminosity is a 10/10, and the black dial is a gorgeous deep black that is excellent at contrasting the hour markers and hands.

126720VTNR Specs

Case Size40mm
BezelCerachrome (Ceramic)
Water Resistance100m
CrownTriple Lock Screw Down
MovementAutomatic / Self-Winding
Accuracy-2/+2 Seconds Per Day
Power Reserve70 Hours
ComplicationsDate, GMT
Rolex Sprite GMT Master II Dial

Rolex Sprite GMT Master II Pricing & Availability

The price of the Rolex Sprite GMT Master II 126720VTNR is $11,050 MSRP. This being a stainless steel Rolex mean that it’ll most likely fetch a price of over $25,000 on the used Rolex market.

The 126720VTNR is expected to hit authorized dealers in the spring of 2022 with high demand. Expect lengthy waitlists similar to others in the GMT Master II collection.

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Waitlist For The Rolex Sprite GMT

As of right now, the stainless steel watches in the GMT Master II collection are averaging roughly 1.5 to 2 years for preferred clients. I’m confident that the Rolex Sprite will command a waitlist but not to the same level as others in the collection. The reason being is because a left handed watch isn’t for everyone.

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Overall the Rolex Sprite GMT Master II is an excellent addition to the Rolex GMT family, despite the controversy. At the end of the day, it’s still a Rolex and that means that the quality is there and demand will most likely always remain high. Even though I’d prefer a more traditional design to feature the Rolex green, it may be perfect for a large amount of you.

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