Used Rolex 2023 Price List: Pre-Owned Rolex Report

View the most up-to-date used Rolex watch price list for the most popular references. Finally in one view, see all used Rolex prices.

Used Rolex For Sale & Where To Buy Them

It is without question, used Rolex watches are by far the most in-demand on the pre-owned market. Used Rolex watches for sale are so popular that they often cost much more than buying new. Even references that are 30+ years old are selling for a hefty amount. It is quite an interesting position that other prestigious watch manufactures should envy.

With used Rolex watches being in such high demand, prices fluctuate often and supply is an issue. We have discussed why Rolex watches are so valuable, especially in the used ones, in previous articles. To summarize, the amount of interested buyers far exceeds the supply of new inventory and even much of the used Rolex watches for sale.

This phenomenon creates a dynamic fluctuating market for used Rolex prices. In this 2023 used Rolex pricing guide, we’ve compiled current market data to provide the most up to date pricing for used Rolex watches. For the first time, you can now, at a glance discover used Rolex market pricing and investigate further on our platform or on neutral 3rd party e-commerce platforms.

What Is A Used Rolex Worth

Depending on the popularity and rarity of a used Rolex, pricing can be between .5x to 2.5x the regular price at MSRP. At the moment, used current stainless steel sport models in production command the highest price increase on the pre-owned watch market.

2023 Used Rolex Price List For Popular Models & References

Below we have compiled a list of the most popular references of used Rolex Datejust, Submariner, Sky Dweller, GMT Master II, Oyster Perpetual, Daytona, Sea Dweller, Explorer, Day Date, Milgauss, and Yacht Master models. These references include used Rolex watches currently in production, vintage, and discontinued. We have relied on pricing from trusted sources for used Rolex watches in excellent working condition.

Feel free to explore each reference further. Links have been provided to learn about the watches on our website or travel to a sellers website if you are trying to buy a used Rolex watch for sale.

Used Rolex Datejust Prices

Pricing for used Rolex Datejust watches for sale are much more reasonable than other collections. A used Rolex Datejust in good condition costs between $8,500 to $16,295.

Since the Datejust is the highest produced Rolex, there are plenty of them on the pre-owned market. The most in-demand used Rolex Datejust watches have the Wimbledon or mint green dial. There are also a considerable amount of vintage used Datejusts for sale, most notably two-tone references.

Used Rolex Submariner Prices

Nothing holds its value quite like a used Rolex Submariner. The Submariner does so well at retaining it’s value that even references from 30 years ago still command a five figure price tag, which is very impressive. A used Rolex Submariner in good condition costs between $10,4999 and $44,499 with stainless steel sports models appreciating the most. The 126610LV, currently in production, is the most sought after reference of all the used Rolex Submariner watches.

Used Rolex Sky Dweller Prices

The Rolex Sky Dweller is technically the most complicated watch that Rolex sells. Until recently it was also only available in precious metals. The popularity of this watch has made it a great buy and an excellent candidate for a safe purchase because it will indeed hold its value. A used Rolex Sky Dweller for sale costs between $22,500 and $54,750.

Factors that include dial color and bracelet type play a large factor in a used Rolex Sky Dweller ability to fetch a premium on the pre-owned watch market. The most popular Sky Dweller reference is the 326934 with a blue dial and jubilee bracelet.

Used Rolex GMT Master II Prices

Arguably one of the hardest Rolex watches to buy at authorized dealers is the GMT Master II collection. References like the Batman, Pepsi, Root Beer, and the new left handed Sprite are all in extremely high demand.

A used Rolex GMT Master II watch for sale costs between $11,499 and $51,999.

Two vintage used Rolex GMT Master II watches that are worth exploring are the Pepsi and Coke. They get their nicknames based on their bezel color combination. It’s been decades since they were produced and they still cost more than new models.

Used Rolex Oyster Perpetual Prices

Since Rolex introduced vibrant colors to the Oyster Perpetual collection, this watch has skyrocketed in price and popularity. It used to be the OP was the easiest and cheapest used Rolex watch for sale. That has all changed.

A used Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch for sale costs between $8,375 and $27,500.

The most in-demand used Rolex Oyster Perpetual is the now discontinued Tiffany dial 41mm reference 124300.

Used Rolex Daytona Prices

When you think of investment watches, the Rolex Daytona is on the top of that list. Both stainless steel and precious metal used Rolex Daytonas are selling for huge premiums on the pre-owned market even after the sharp decline in prices in 2022. At one point stainless steel used Rolex Daytona watches were selling for close to $60,000 and precious metal references for over $100,000.

A used Rolex Daytona watch for sale costs between $18,450 and $110,000.

Used Rolex Sea Dweller Prices

The Rolex Sea Dweller has a massive following but surprisingly it doesn’t come with the same markup on the used Rolex watch market. Even though used Sea Dwellers are an upgrade from the Submariner, the price increase isn’t what you would expect.

A used Rolex Sea Dweller watch for sale costs between $9,500 and $18,999.

Used Rolex Explorer Prices

Both the used Rolex Explorer I & II are excellent capsules in time of what the brand Rolex represents. The Explorer collection is 100% a tool watch and that is exemplified in some of the vintage Explorer references.

A used Rolex Explorer watch for sale costs between $8,795 and $23,500.

Used Rolex Day Date Prices

The ultimate flex of all Rolex collections is the Day Date. All the Day Dates are constructed of precious metals, which include yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Whether you buy a used Rolex Day Date or one new, you’ll roughly be spending the same amount.

A used Rolex Day Date watch for sale costs between $8,780 and $78,500.

Used Rolex Milgauss Prices

The quirkiest of all the collections from Rolex is the Milgauss. With that being said, used Rolex Milgauss watches do fairly well on the pre-owned market with most selling at original MSRP. The most popular reference is the 116400GV blue dial, which is currently in production.

A used Rolex Milgauss watch for sale costs between $9,890 and $12,050.

Used Rolex Yacht Master Prices

The most elegant of all the Rolex sports models is the Yacht Master collection. Used Rolex Yacht Master watches are available in a variety of styles with lots of different options for materials. The most popular reference at the moment is the two tone Yacht Master II.

A used Rolex Yacht Master watch for sale costs between $14,000 and $48,500.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where to buy a used Rolex?

Buying used Rolex watches for sale from trusted sources is the best way to ensure that you’re buying a genuine Rolex. The brand itself has now even created a “Genuine Used Rolex” program for existing dealers to guarantee authenticity.

The counterfeit market for fake Rolex watches is sophisticated and complex. At a glance it is difficult to tell the difference, which is why it is critical to buy from people and companies that are trustworthy.

How do I know if a Rolex is real?

To check the authenticity of a Rolex, the best method is taking it in to an authorized Rolex dealer to perform an analysis or to buy a “Certified Used Rolex” from a dealer. Rolex now has a program where they certify their used watches to provide confidence to buyers in the pre-owned market.

Why are used Rolex more expensive?

Used Rolex watches for sale are expensive because there is simply so much demand. Even though Rolex produces over 1 million watches per year, it is still not enough to satisfy the market. This is why most models sell more used than they do new.

What is my Rolex worth?

The prices for used Rolex watches are constantly fluctuating. One thing for certain is that there is tremendous value in a Rolex watch. The best way to discover what your Rolex is worth is visit an ecommerce website and to also ask a dealer what they would buy it for. This will provide you with information needed to decide how you want to sell your used Rolex. The choice will be take your time and sell it to the end user yourself for more money or sell it to a dealer faster for less.

How much do used Rolex prices fluctuate?

Used Rolex watches fluctuate in price often, especially when there are drastic turns in the world economy. Watches are a luxury item and typically luxury items excel in good times and dip in price in bad times.

Will my used Rolex go up in value?

If you bought your Rolex new at MSRP, over time it is fairly certain that your watch will go up in value. If you bought it on the pre-owned market, it just depends if you bought at a good price at a good time.

Are used Rolex watches considered investments?

Watches can be considered an asset just like a house, bond, or stock. It is something worth of value that has the opportunity to increase or decrease in value. Certain Rolex watches, when bought new, have an immediate increase in value. When that watch is sold, the buyer will make a profit like in the example of the stainless steel Rolex Daytona. That watch is worth 2x+ used than when bought new.

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