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How Much Is A Rolex: Rolex 2024 Pricing Guide

Discover how much is a Rolex and what is a Rolex worth with our 2024 Rolex pricing guide. We’ve organized a list of each reference combined with price for each Rolex collection.

How Much Is A Rolex

The cost of a Rolex can range anywhere between $6,100 all the way up to $84,150 MSRP. Factors that affect pricing are materials, new movements, collection popularity, and complications. The average price for most Rolex watches falls between $7,000 – $12,000 MSRP. Most of those references are made up of stainless steel watches and two-tone watches.

How Much Is A Rolex Worth

Rolex is very unique in the sense that buyers will almost always either retain the value of their watch or it will likely raise in value. This is even true for vintage Rolex watches. Popular Rolex models like the Hulk, Pepsi, or stainless steel Daytonas can command 100-200% increase in worth on the pre-owned market compared to MSRP.

2024 Rolex Pricing For All Models & References

We’ve experienced steady Rolex price increases for some time now and this year will be no different. Below we have listed the most popular reference for each Rolex collection accompanied by the reference number. We’ve made it easy to discover each reference with clickable links to the Rolex website.

How Much Is A Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariners are available in stainless steel, two tone, and precious metals. The price of a Submariner ranges from $9,100 to $42,000. The most popular Rolex Submariner references are 124060 & 126610LN which have an MSRP of $9,100 and $10,250.

The Submariner collection does appreciate in value after it’s been purchased new. Depending on the reference, a Submariner can be worth up to 100% MSRP on the pre-owned market.

How Much Is A Rolex Datejust

Arguably the most iconic watch from Rolex, the Rolex Datejust collection is the most versatile from the brand. Pricing on Datejusts vary widely because they include both mens and women’s references. With that being said, a Rolex Datejust will cost anywhere in between $7,700 and $15,500.

There are many different sizing, dial, material options for the Datejust which creates the large range in pricing. The men’s 41mm references are typically the most popular Datejusts that include either a fluted bezel in gold (ref. 126333) or smooth bezel in stainless steel (ref. 126300).

How Much Is A Rolex GMT Master II

The price of a Rolex GMT Master II ranges from $10,700 to $40,600. Pricing of the GMT Master II collection depends on the materials constructed to build the watch. The GMT Master II is offered in stainless steel and two tone options. The Pepsi (ref. 126710BLRO) and Batman (ref. 126710BLNR) are the two most popular watches within the GMT Master II collection and can be worth up to 100+% MSRP.

How Much Is A Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual saw a major shift in popularity and pricing in 2020. With the introduction of the new dial colors demand jumped through the roof. It wasn’t a year ago that OPs were the only stainless steel watch you’d see in a case but that’s changed.

2021 is the first time we’ve seen Rolex Oyster Perpetuals being worth more pre-owned than new. Depending on the size of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, pricing ranges from $6,400 – $6,100.

How Much Is A Rolex Oyster Perpetual

How Much Is A Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is one of the most sought after Rolex. Pricing for a Daytona ranges between $15,100 to $75,000. Because the Rolex Daytona collection is produced in such limited quantities, these watches are worth up to 200% on the pre-owned market for the stainless steel references.

How Much Is A Rolex Sky Dweller

A Rolex Sky Dweller will cost between $15,650 and $50,900 depending on if you’re buying a stainless steel, two tone, or precious metal reference. It wasn’t until a couple years ago Rolex introduced a stainless steel reference to the collection making them easier to obtain, considering price. The Rolex Sky Dweller stainless steel release was so popular that the watch sells over MSRP on the pre-owned market.

How Much Is A Rolex Sea Dweller

The Rolex Sea Dweller is a more robust Submariner. The depth capacity of Sea Dwellers are rated up to an impressive 3,900 meters. With this increase in performance comes an increase in price. Rolex Sea Dwellers range between $13,250 – $25,950 MSRP.

How Much Is A Rolex Explorer

The Rolex Explorer and Explorer II are one of the most popular tool watches. This collection contains a no date and GMT complication references. The no date Rolex Explore costs $7,250 and the GMT sells for $11,750.

How Much Is A Rolex Day Date (President)

One can argue that there isn’t a more icon precious meta luxury watch than the Rolex Day Date also known as the President. The Rolex Day Date pricing starts at $38,500 for solid yellow gold references and can go north of $59,900 for platinum references.

How Much Is A Rolex Milgauss

The smallest collection for Rolex in 2024 is the Milgauss. The Milgauss is a watch that you either love or strongly dislike, there isn’t much in-between. The Rolex Milgauss can be purchased for $9,300 MSRP. 

How Much Is A Rolex Yacht Master

Rolex Yacht Masters range widely in price. Entry prices for the Yacht Master collection start at $11,550 and can go up to $43,550. Case material is the biggest determinant when it comes to the pricing of the watches within the Rolex Yacht Master collection.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does a Rolex Retain Its Value?

Rolex is one of those rare brands that their products almost always appreciate in value over time. This is due to large demand, strategic annual price increases, quality of the product, and the longevity of their watches.

Can you get a discount on a Rolex?

You can certainly get a discount on a new Rolex at an authorized dealer. Just don’t expect to get one on a popular model. Usually most discounts happen when buying a ladies Rolex or a two-tone Rolex Datejust.

Why do some Rolex watches cost more pre-owned than new at MSRP?

The reason why used Rolex costs more than new Rolex is simply because of supply and demand. Rolex produces roughly 1 million watches a year, not enough to satisfy demand. Therefore buyers are willing to pay a premium to get the Rolex they want, even if it costs more.

How much is my Rolex worth?

The best way to find out how much your Rolex is worth is trying to buy that exact reference from a dealer or private seller. Even though you won’t be purchasing the same watch twice, your stress test on the market will give you a good idea of how much your Rolex is worth.
List prices online are always a starting point for pre-owned negotiations. They are hardly ever what the watches actually sell for.

How much is the cheapest Rolex?

The cheapest Rolex for women is the Oyster Perpetual Reference 276200 that costs $5,300 MSRP. For the men is the Oyster Perpetual Reference 126000 at $5,800 MSRP.

What is the most expensive Rolex?

The most expensive Rolex ever sold was the Paul Newman Daytona at auction for $17.8 million.

Why is Rolex so expensive?

Although Rolex watches start around $5,000 and can be sold new anywhere up to $75,000, most watches sold are between $7k-12k. That isn’t a small amount of money but in the world of luxury watches that price point is almost common. One could argue that a Rolex isn’t that expensive when you compare them to alternatives in the watch industry and once you consider their value they appear less as a cost and more as an investment.

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