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Top 10 Rolex 2022 Predictions: New Rolex Models & When They Will Be Released

Discover our Top 10 Rolex 2022 Predictions. All evidence suggests that in 2022 Rolex is going to release some highly anticipated watches.

*Update* 2022 Rolex watches have been announced. View the 2022 Rolex releases.

Rolex 2022 Predictions

Rolex has announced that they will be featured at Watches & Wonders 2022 and will be displaying their new 2020 models at the event. This will take place on March 30th. Until then let’s have fun with this years Rolex 2022 predictions. As a reminder, our Rolex 2022 predictions are pure speculation and no inside information has been provided. Although these predictions are ours alone, they are based on strategic thought based on past Rolex behavior.

This year, Rolex 2022 predictions are based on the fact that Rolex has been preparing over the last couple years for a massive launch. All evidence points to 2022 being the year.

This past year the only release or update to the brand that the watch community really latched onto was the new 36mm Explorer I. With that being said a lot happened that no one was expecting, even us. You can read that article here.

Without getting into too much detail, we’ll cover this later in our 2022 Rolex prediction list, Rolex has been quietly increasing their efficiencies in their manufacturing process. We’ve seen almost all models transition to new movements, which a lot of them sharing the 3230 and 3235 movements. Case sizes, dial colors, and bezels, have all been consolidated as well. What this tells us is that Rolex is trying to work smarter and not harder when it comes to producing more watches that people crave. Instead of investing in more factories, the brand has decided to increase the rate of production within their current capacities.

Our Rolex 2022 predictions and what the new 2022 Rolex watches will be predictions will focus on trends that we’ve seen over the last few years plus welcome additions that enthusiasts would love to see. Most likely 2022 will be like every other year, Rolex does something that no one saw coming and we all end up like it after a few years.

1. Production Will Be Increased & Supply Will Be Better

Rolex has recognized publicly during interviews that they acknowledge there is a massive gap between demand and product availability. Like we stated above, Rolex has quietly been optimizing their manufacturing process to be able to produce more watches within their current limits.

Even though it’s hard to find stainless steel sports models in a case at an AD, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t selling a ton of them. Rolex is known for taking their time and making small incremental changes over time to address larger issues. We predict that in 2022, after years of optimizing their manufacturing process and adjusting their skus, we are primed to see Rolex 2022 production increase and many more new watches into the market.

2. A New Green Two-Tone Submariner

For decades we’ve seen the same two tone combinations from Rolex with the 126613LN & 126613LB which are either black or blue Submariners. Rolex doesn’t hide the fact that they aim to sell more precious metal or two tone references because obviously they make more money doing so. Recently we saw the same thing happen to the Explorer I collection, which no one thought was even possible.

It’s our prediction that Rolex will release in 2022 a green bezel and dial two tone Submariner to give that part of its collection a fresh new look. Plus we all know any Rolex with the color green associated with it will be an instant classic.

3. Overdue Models Will Be Discontinued

There are two collections that still haven’t been upgraded to the new in house calibres and they are the Air King and the Milgauss. Both are more under the radar watches from Rolex but still very nice watches. It makes sense that these would be the last two to get an upgrade but now it’s time to do so. It’s our Rolex 2022 prediction that the current references for both the Air King and Milgauss will be discontinued.

4. Rolex Authorized Dealers Will Be Selling More To The Younger Generation

Rolex is aware of a couple issues that they are facing and it’s been acknowledged. It’s difficult to obtain a Rolex and most often the popular models are being sold to high value clients at authorized dealers, which typically doesn’t include a younger generation.

Instead of the younger generation owning a Rolex or even having a good experience trying to purchase one, the youth are gravitating to more accessible brands. Let’s take a look at Omega, they make watches that are just as good as Rolex but can be found in stores available to try on, many references are available, and they can be purchased for less than a Rolex.

If Rolex and the ADs continue to shield the younger generation from the product, it will create a massive divide for the brand. Personally I’ve already seen a shift in my local market with Rolex authorized dealers. In the last two years alone I’ve known multiple people my age receive stainless steel sports models without a large purchase history. Maybe there was a directive from the brand to the ADs. I’m not quite sure but it seems to me that limiting the older generation from buying 5 to 6 Rolex a year down to 2 or 3 to open up inventory makes sense.

5. The Updated Rolex GMT Coke Will Be Released In 2022

I know we’ve all been saying this for years but if Rolex was wanting to redeem themselves for last year’s lack of shock and awe, releasing the Rolex GMT Master II Coke would be perfect as part of our Rolex 2022 predictions.

The Coke, just like the Pepsi, is an older reference that is almost quite certain to be brought back at some point. Currently getting a hold of a GMT Master II is daunting and the wait lists are lengthy. Adding the new 2022 release of the Rolex GMT Coke would honestly light the watch community on fire and most likely generate 3-4 year wait lists.

If Rolex was wanting to give the people what they crave, re-introducing the Rolex GMT Coke for 2022 would be the best idea.

6. New Dials Will Be Available For The Datejust Collection Similar To The Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual collection was always kind of the blah when we thought of Rolex watches. Once the dials changed to bright vibrant colors that all changed. No one could have predicted that these watches would be some of the hardest models to get with pre-owned prices skyrocketing.

There is one major reason why the OP is now one of the hardest watches to get and it should be obvious. The OP is the least expensive watch that Rolex makes. Why make less expensive watches than higher valued ones if at the end of the day you’re going to sell them all anyway. It wouldn’t make sense to increase production of OP because Rolex would lose out on operating income.

This may be our most intelligent Rolex 2022 prediction but we believe that Rolex is primed to introduce some new vibrant dial colors to the Datejust, especially two tone and ladies gemstone models. For the ladies’ watches this might make the most sense. The cotton candy dial and the tiffany dial ladies OPs are so hot. Throw a couple diamonds on there and double the MSRP and Rolex has just increased the operating income all while generating more demand for their product.

7. There Will Still Be A Shortage Of Rolex Watches In Display Cases

There have been many rumors surrounding Rolex dealers moving toward displaying demo watches or holding onto inventory so buyers can see the most popular watches in the cases. It is true that some dealers have tried one of these strategies, which is displaying demo watches (ones without a movement). The direct feedback we’ve received is that it made more customers upset than happy and it was a waste of time. Just imagine everyone wanting to come in the store wanting to try on a Daytona that 99% were sure to never receive. It just didn’t make sense.

Although we acknowledge some dealers have tried new things to help customers see the watches they want, it will not be a thing moving forward and Rolex has not directed authorized dealers to do so in any way.

8. The Rolex Grey Market Will Take A Hit

If we are correct with our other Rolex 2022 prediction, which is dealers are going to limit how many watches a single customer can buy over a period of time, then the Rolex used market is going to take a hit in 2022. The logic behind this is simple. If there are more unique buyers over a given time period and resources (money) is finite, the client base of Rolex will become saturated and better served. This will reduce the demand of buyers who have money to buy a Rolex but can not, therefore having to resort to the grey market.

9. Rolex Will Use More Red In Their New 2022 Releases

What Rolex does, the market will follow. Last year we saw every watch brand release a green version of one of their watches and most people believe it had to do with the success Rolex had with that pantone. A unique Rolex 2022 prediction is that we’ll see Rolex be on the forefront and produce at least one of their new watches in a beautiful shade of red. This prediction isn’t including the introduction of the GMT Coke. We believe that another collection like the Submariner, Explorer, or even the Milgauss will experience red in 2022.

10. There Will Be A Rolex 2022 Price Increase

Recently we’ve seen demand for luxury goods increase, rapid inflation, and the ability to source materials become more difficult. We expect to see the usual price increase from Rolex in 2022 and it has nothing to do with the reasons listed. Rolex has a plan and they don’t let short term fluctuations veer them off course. Rolex 2022 price increases have been planned years ago and aren’t a factor of the current economic situation.

For more information on the Rolex price increase for 2022, view our most up to date article.

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