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Men’s 2023 Holiday Watch Gift Guide: From Budget To Luxury

Give the man in your life a watch this holiday season. Discover watches at all different price points that include descriptions and who they are well suited for this holiday season.

The perfect holiday list of mens watches to buy at all different price points in 2023 

If you are reading this you are on the right track for researching what to buy your man this holiday season. Men love watches and they are a perfect way to express oneself. Giving as gifts, they are also a great way for ladies to show how they view their man.

For this article we have compiled a list of watches at different price points that are sure to bring joy. This holiday list was created based on our research and expert opinion. Each watch listed has a brief description and who they might be well suited for. All watches display their retail price but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the price you’ll pay. To purchase any of these watches at discount, look for deals online or visit jewelry stores for some of the more expensive options to negotiate. Getting a 10-15% discount is mostly achievable.

Mens Watches Under $1,000
Mens Watches Under $5,000
Mens Watches Under $10,000

2023 Holiday Watches For Him Under $1,000

There are many great mens watches for under $1,000 that would make excellent gifts this holiday season. In this tier we have combined rugged tool watches with some that we consider being excellent values. To highlight a watch that should cost much more than it does is the Christopher Ward The Twelve. This watch has excellent finishing and design elements, which delivers superior quality at this price point. Each of the rest offer similar values.

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 – $725

One of the hottest mens watches of 2023 was the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80. Not only does it have all the desired design elements of a vintage sports watch like an integrated bracelet and patterned dial, it also punches above its weight with technical specs. Men geek out about watch movements and it would be hard to find a watch at this price point that can do more. The calibre’s power reserve is an impressive 80 hours, utilize 23 jewels, keeps time well, and has a finished rotor.

This watch is meant to be playful and worn in casual setting. For this reason it is available in many different dial color configuration to suit individual style.

The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 can be bought online or at authorized dealers in time before the Christmas season without the worry of waitlists or inventory delays.

Reference T137.407.11.351.00 | $725 retail price | 40mm case diameter | 100m water resistance | Automatic movement | 80 hours power reserve | Sports watch

G-Shock Master Of G-Land Mudmaster – $350

If your man is plays hard and is rough on his toys, this military inspired G-Shock watch is perfect for him this Christmas season. G-Shock is known for producing highly durable watches that are shock resistant, water resistant, and loaded with really useful features. The Mudmaster’s complications include a 31 time zone worldtimer, stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, compass, full calendar, military time reader, and digital time. Provide your husband or boyfriend the gift of utility with this military inspired tool watch this holiday season for only $350.

Reference GG1000-1A5 | $350 retail price | 55mm case diameter | 200m water resistance | Tool watch

Seiko Sharp Edge Series SPB203 – $1,000

Seiko watches have long been a great watch to gift men. The quality and value of a Seiko has helped the brand build one of the largest collector communities in the watch industry. The Seiko Sharp Edge Series is a recent example of why Seiko is one of the best watch brands for the money. This watch has an in-house movement that is highly accurate at the $1,000 price point, is beautifully finished between satin and polished surfaces, and has a unique dial.

If the man in your life floats in and out of professional and relaxed occasions, this watch is a perfect companion. With the Seiko Sharp Edge being both sporty and dressy, it can be comfortably worn in any setting.

Reference SPB203 | $1,000 retail price | 39.3mm case diameter | 100m water resistance | Automatic movement | 6R35 calibre | 70 hour power reserve | Dress watch

Shinola The Runwell 41mm – $595

Shinola is a proud American made watch brand headquartered in Detroit Michigan. The spirit of the city is infused into each Shinola with unique designs that pay homage to the brands vintage roots. The Runwell 41mm is a vintage inspired timepiece that has a very laid back feel to it. Personally, we enjoy the blue dial and brown leather strap variation the best. It pairs well with almost any outfit and simply provides the best color combination.

When you consider that this watch only costs $595, it is a great entry level mens watch with a design that simply is more appealing than many that cost 10x more. The Shinola Runwell 41mm is a great gift this holiday season for men who are just getting into watches or want a fun watch to wear down on the weekends.

Reference 20172978-sdt-000009877 | $595 retail price | 41mm case diameter | 50m water resistance | Quartz movement | Argonite 705 calibre | Casual watch

Christopher Ward The Twelve – $995

The best up and coming watch brand in 2023 is undoubtably Christopher Ward. They have hit a home run with their new The Twelve collection that has caught the attention of many in the watch collecting community. What is so interesting about The Twelve is that it delivers what a lot of people are wanting from a $10,000 watch at the price point of a $1,000 watch. These features include a unique patterned dial, integrated bracelet, high degree of finished surfaces, and intelligent design.

The Twelve collection went through a six year design process before it was released to the public. That amount of attention to detail has really made this watch stand out in 2023 and is more than worthy to be an excellent watch to gift a man this holiday season.

Reference C12-40ADA1-S00W0-RK | $995 retail price | 40mm case diameter | 100m water resistance | Automatic movement | SW200-1 Calibre | Sports watch

Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic – $995

One of the largest selling watch brands in the world is Citizen. They are predominantly known for their solar powered Eco-Drive movement but recently they have made a massive investment into automatic movement manufacturing. The Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic is their flagship watch featuring an automatic movement. What makes this dive watch even more interesting is that it is constructed of titanium. This is a lightweight material that is highly scratch resistant, which makes it a great material for a tool watch. The Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic is a perfect watch to gift a man who is hard on his watches but at the same time appreciates automatic movements.

Reference NB6021-68L | $995 retail price | 41mm case diameter | 200m water resistance | Automatic movement | 9051 Calibre | Sports watch

2023 Holiday Watches For Him Under $5,000

Now that we have upped our budget a bit to $5,000, well known established Swiss watch brands are now available. This includes Tudor, Tag Heuer, and Oris. Giving a luxury watch at the $5,000 price point as a gift this Christmas season will surely be one that will be enjoyed for many decades to come.

Nomos Tangente 38 Date – $2,780

The Nomos Tangente 38 is made in Germany and is well respected by watch collectors. Taking inspiration from minimalist German design, the Tangente is an ideal watch for casual and even semi formal wear. Powering the 38mm Tangente is the calibre DUW4101, an in-house movement developed and manufactured by Nomos. Nomos is known for producing quality watches that deliver value. With the Tangente only costing $2,780, this is a bargain that is sure to impress the man in your life for the holidays.

Reference 130 | $2,780 retail price | 37.5mm case diameter | 30m water resistance | Manual wound movement | DUW 4101 Calibre | Dress watch

Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 – $4,900

Oris is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufactures and have been pushing the limits of modern watchmaking. Powering this variation of the Aquis Date is the Calibre 400. This movement is designed by Oris and has a 120 hour power reserve, anti-magnetic, and is extremely accurate. Anyone who is familiar with watches knows that is impressive but if you tell them they can get all that for a watch at $4,900 they wont believe you. Well actually you can get this watch for a lot less if you only purchase it in stainless steel but we are suggesting getting gold because it could be the best Christmas gift your man has ever received.

Reference | $4,900 retail price | 41.5mm case diameter | 300m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre 400 | Sports watch

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 – $3,500

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer is my favorite watch at this price point. Many watch collectors, including myself, have at one point owned this dive watch. It is a great entry level Swiss dive watch that can be worn daily and withstand whatever is thrown at it. Features that excite me about the Aquaracer Professional 300 is the tapered bracelet, glide lock extension clasp, 300m water resistance, cyclops under the crystal, and the legibility of the dial.

We suggest the Aquaracer as a gift to men who are just getting into watches and want their first luxury diver.

Reference WBP201A.BA0632 | $3,500 retail price | 43mm case diameter | 300m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre 5 | Sports watch

Tag Heuer Connected E4 – $2,350

If your man is into fitness or enjoys technology, the Tag Heuer Connected E4 is the perfect Christmas gift this year. There is not a more luxurious smart watch on the market that is as robust as the Connected E4. For this list we have selected the black titanium case but there are stainless steel and gold gold plated variations to choose from. The technology powering this watch is Android but is compatible with iOS devices through the Tag Heuer Connected application.

Reference SBR8081.BT6299 | $2,350 retail price | 42mm case diameter | 50m water resistance | Calibre E4 | Smart watch

Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono – $2,295

A classic heritage inspired chronograph that is sure to put a smile on any mans face is the Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono. The standout design feature of this watch is the panda dial design, which is always in high demand within the watch community. The panda design is a white dial that has black overlaid sub-dials. Powering the Intra-Matic Auto Chrono is the H-31 that features a 60 minute chronograph and date complication.

Reference H38416711 | $2,295 retail price | 40mm case diameter | 100m water resistance | Automatic movement | H-31 Calibre | Sports watch

Tudor Black Bay GMT – $4,375

If prestige is important to your man, the Tudor Black Bay GMT will be your best option on this list under $5,000. Tudor is owned by Rolex and shares much of the same quality and craftsmanship at a lower price point. This watch, specifically with the white dial is in high demand because it was just introduced in 2023 and is considered one of the best value buys under $5,000. The Black Bay GMT is powered by the Calibre MT5652 in-house movement. With a power reserve of 70 hours and the ability to track multiple timezones around the world, this watch is the perfect travel companion for men jet-setting across the world.

Reference M79830RB-0010 | $4,375 retail price | 41mm case diameter | 200m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre MT5652 | Sports watch

Monta Noble – $1,795

Coming in at only $1,795, the Monta Noble is the least expensive watch in this tier but don’t let the price fool you. Monta is an up and coming Swiss watch brand that is quickly ascending in popularity. What Monta does well is producing comfortable bracelets, great designs, and providing an overall high quality experience. The Noble collection is offered with many different dial colors that let the watch bring out the character in the one wearing it. If you’re trying not to break the bank but want to get your man a watch he can be proud of, highly consider the Monta Noble.

$1,795 retail price | 38.5mm case diameter | 150m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre M-22 | Sports watch

2023 Holiday Watches For Him Under $10,000

Since our budget is now up to $10,000, a whole new world of icon luxury timepieces are available. All of the watches in this category are well known established luxury watches that represent the best of their brands. This list includes Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, and JLC. Purchasing one of these watches is a huge gift and would be considered a family heirloom worthy of being passed down to the next generation.

Omega Seamaster 300m – $5,900

Omega is rich with historical prestige and their watchmaking ability is known far and wide. The brand is the official timekeeper of the Olympics and the watch of choice for none other than James Bond 007. Making our list is the Omega Seamaster 300m. This is a watch that I’ve proudly owned and can attest to its beauty, wearability, and overall quality.

Firstly the ceramic dial and oversized hands/indices are just stunning to look at. They were my favorite part of the watch. After that comes the quality and durability this watch brings to the table. Powering the Seamaster 300m is the calibre 8800. This calibre has passed a Master Chronometer certification which means that it will maintain a high level of accuracy in the harshest conditions. There isn’t much that can damage this watch.

The ideal person for the Seamaster 300m is someone who lives an active lifestyle that wants to wear a luxury watch but doesn’t want to afraid to put it through the conditions of everyday life.

For more information, check out our full review of the Omega Seamaster 300m.

Reference | $5,900 retail price | 42mm case diameter | 300m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre 8800 | Sports watch

Rolex Explorer 40 – $7,700

Now that we have upped the budget, we can now afford brands the likes of Rolex. One of the best Rolex watches under $10,000 is the 40mm Rolex Explorer. This collection was recently updated but still maintains the charm of its older models. What makes the Rolex Explorer a great watch is that it can easily fly under the radar. It’s a true tool watch and isn’t as recognizable as other watches from the brand. I mean this watch has accompanied climbers to the top of Mount Everest and back. It means serious business.

The Rolex Explorer is a great gift for a person who enjoys the finer things in life but doesn’t feel the need to let others know. Another would be for a person who is an adventurer that desires the best tools to join them on their journey.

If you’re interested in more Rolex watch pricing, check out our Complete Rolex Pricing Guide.

Reference 224270 | $7,700 retail price | 40mm case diameter | 100m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre 3230 | Sports watch

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso – $8,100

The most sophisticated watch on our list is unquestionable the JLC Reverso. Sporting a rectangular shape, the Reverso may not be for everyone but none can deny it’s beauty. Buying into a brand like Jaeger LeCoultre is like buying a Porsche. Every aspect of the watch is thoughtfully crafted and only the very best hands are allowed to work on them. There is a saying within the watch world and it goes like this, “Jaeger LeCoultre is the watchmakers watchmaker”. Essentially that means that JLC is the brand of choice for watchmakers and other haute horology brands for purchasing outsourced movements.

Ideally the Reverso is a great fit for anyone who usually wears formal attire frequently, someone who appreciates haute horology, or appreciates being a part of brands with impeccable prestige.

Reference Q2548440 | $8,100 retail price | 40.1 x 24.4 (LxW) | 30m water resistance | Manual wound movement | Dress watch

Cartier Santos De Cartier – $7,750

Recently Cartier watches have just jumped off the charts in popularity. Most people know them for their jewelry but that is quickly changing. This past year reports indicated that Cartier was actually the second largest watch maker in terms of units sold. One of the best parts of a jewelry designer manufacturing watches is that they will always have that little extra touch that makes them a wonder to behold. The same is true for the Santos De Cartier collection. These watches ooze both elegance and sport at the same time. This watch can be worn in both formal and social setting.

The Cartier Santos De Cartier is best suited for men who wear trendy clothing or who are on the forefront of mens fashion. There is just something about this watch that completes that look.

Reference CRWSSA0018 | $7,750 retail price | 39.8mm case diameter | 100m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre 1847 | Sports watch

Breitling Navitimer B01 43mm – $9,300

One of the most well known chronograph manufactures is Breitling. Their brand is known for producing professional aviation instruments that are meant to be used in the field. The Breitling Navitimer is the most iconic pilots watch in history. It was the first of its kind, pioneering chronograph movements and also utilizing a slide rule bezel. Back in the day it was the smart watch of its time. Fast forward many decades and it seems like it’s been untouched for centuries, except for modern upgrades. Powering the 43mm Breitling Navitimer is the B01 movement. This is an in-house Breitling calibre that is extremely accurate and boasts a 70 hour power reserve.

The Breitling Navitimer is just a great everyday watch. Most of us will never use it for all its functions but its great to have. We suggest providing the gift of a Navitimer to anyone who appreciates aviation, iconic watches, or watches with timers.

For more on this watch, check out our Breitling Navitimer Review.

Reference AB0138211B1P1 | $9,300 retail price | 43mm case diameter | 150m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre B01 | Sports watch

IWC Portugieser Chronograph – $8,400

Another dress watch to make this list is the IWC Portugieser Chronograph. This, like the Navitimer, has been untouched in design since its inception. Sounds unbelievable but its a true testament to its popularity within the watch collecting community.

With a minimal design, clearly defined Arabic numerals, and sub-dials at the 12 & 6 oclock position, there is a lot to like about the Portugieser Chronograph. Although not the flashiest watch, sometimes saying less is more. It is hard to explain but some watches just appear wealthy, not even know what it is. That is exactly the impression that the IWC Portugieser Chronograph gives off.

Anyone who wears formal attire on a regular basis or is frequently in-front of clients would benefit from having this trusty sidekick. They can enjoy wearing a luxury timepiece without having all the flare that unnecessary comes from other watches at this price point.

Reference IW371604 | $8,400 retail price | 41mm case diameter | 30m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre 69355 | Dress watch

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch – $7,000

The second most famous watch on this list is the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. I’ll give you one guess as to why this watch is so special…that is right, it went to the moon. It didn’t just go to the moon though, it was the first watch worn on the moon. The Omega Speedmaster was chosen over brands like Rolex and Breitling by NASA to accompany our Apollo astronauts on their journey.

Fast forward many years and Omega is still making NASA space flight qualified watches. Powering the 42mm Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the in-house calibre 3861 manual movement. With a 70 hour power reserve and highly anti-magnetic properties, the current Moonwatch is better than ever before and ready for it’s next mission.

For all those history buffs out there, this is the perfect luxury watch for you. It’s amazing to look down and know that you are wearing a tool that played a pivotal role in the safety and mission of our American heros. If you forget the history for a moment, the Moonwatch has also captivated many watch collectors over the years. In-fact some within the community don’t consider one a collector until they’ve owned a Moonwatch. There is just something to this tool watch and no nonsense design that has make this the flagship watch for Omega.

Reference 310. | $7,000 retail price | 42mm case diameter | 50m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre 3861 | Sports watch

Rolex Submariner – $9,100

The king of not just dive watches but all watches is the Rolex Submariner. It is the most popular watch in the world. Even people who don’t know watches know what the Submariner is. The prestige and honor of owning one is truly magical. I know because I’ve owned one for over a year now, the 126610LV.

Once the luster of ownership fades you’ll quickly notice just how perfect the Submariner is for almost any occasion and in every setting. The watch is simply comfortable, accurate, and extremely easy to read in any lighting conditions. There is nothing unique to the Submariner but they execute everything to perfection and that is what makes this watch so special.

Honestly, I’d recommend the Rolex Submariner to everybody. This watch is so good I believe everyone should have one. They are hard to acquire but if you get the opportunity, take it.

Reference 124060 | $9,100 retail price | 41mm case diameter | 300m water resistance | Automatic movement | Calibre 3230 | Sports watch

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