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Where Are Rolex Service Centers & What You Should Know About Servicing A Rolex

Find out where your local Rolex service center is and what you should know before you get your Rolex serviced.

Rolex Service Centers & What You Need To Know About Servicing A Rolex

A properly maintained Rolex will last a lifetime. To ensure that your Rolex will last longer than you, Rolex has created official Rolex service centers (RSC). These service centers have technicians that are trained by Rolex and must meet the highest standards of excellence. A Rolex service center is the only place that you should ever consider taking your Rolex to for either servicing or repairs.

In this article we’ll highlight what a Rolex service center is and what you should know when servicing your Rolex.

What Is A Rolex Service Center

A Rolex service center (RSC) is an official watch service center that has met the standards of Rolex to service their watches. These locations are where all Rolex watches still under warranty or outside of warranty should be submitted for routine service or repairs.

The benefits of sending your Rolex to a Rolex service center are that they have Rolex trained technicians servicing or repairing your watch, original manufacture parts are used, and if you’re Rolex is still under warranty the costs of repairs are covered.

Where Is A Rolex Service Center Near Me

Rolex service centers are located all across the world and each are equipped with the same tools and experience to service any Rolex to the highest standard. The best way to “find a Rolex service center near me” is to follow these three simple steps.

  1. Visit the Rolex Service Center Location Page
  2. Either use the search bar or click the map to select your region
  3. Select the Rolex service center of your choice based on location

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Rolex

The cost to service a Rolex ranges between $800 – $1,200 for most watches at a Rolex service center. When you submit your Rolex to a RSC, you’ll receive an estimate and that will vary depending on the condition of the watch, movement, age of the watch, and if any parts needs to be replaced.

How Often Should A Rolex Get Serviced

Rolex recommends that their watches should get serviced approximately every 10 years. If your Rolex has taken damage outside of normal wear, we recommend to take your watch to a Rolex service center immediately for repair.

Some Rolex owners prefer to not have their watches serviced for multiple reasons. It’s worth noting that a Rolex can function much longer than the 10 year service interval but once you go beyond that point, you’ll most likely experience excessive damage to parts and considerable degradation to accuracy and power reserve.

How Long Does It Take To Service A Rolex

It is typically 6-12 weeks for a Rolex service center to complete all maintenance and potential repairs. Factors that play a role in the time it takes to get a Rolex serviced is the condition of the watch, waiting on replacement parts, complexity of the movement, and how busy the Rolex service center is.

What Are The Signs That A Rolex Needs Serviced

The four main signs that a Rolex needs serviced is the watch is losing accuracy, the power reserve has decreased, there are signs of water damage, or your Rolex completely stops working. To maintain optimal performance, it’s recommended to do proactive maintenance by sending your Rolex to a Rolex service center every 10 years.

Will A Rolex Service Center Reapply A Polished Or Brushed Finish

The goal of a Rolex service center is to return a watch that appears and functions like new. This includes reapplying either the brushed or polished finishes to the case and bracelet. Some owners prefer for their RSC to not be refinish their watch. All you simply have to do is include that in your instructions when you submit your Rolex for service.

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