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Fake Rolex Watches: What To Know & Why You Shouldn’t Buy One

Learn about fake Rolex watches and why you shouldn’t buy one. Rolex replica watches have got much better, discover how to spot one.

Fake Rolex Watches

Counterfeit products are produced in abundance all around the world but the watch market is highly targeted because of the demand for Rolex. Fake Rolex watches are highly sought after because for many individuals it’s not about buying a quality product, it’s about projecting status and wealth. Buying a fake Rolex watch allows many consumers who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford a Rolex to now project themselves as Rolex owners.

As a watch enthusiasts myself, it’s irritating that some feel the need to buy a fake Rolex just to impress people they may or may not know. Buying watches is a journey and I’m sure many of you understand the satisfaction and joy that comes with a good watch hunt. If it were easy to obtain any luxury watch or even a Rolex for $200-500, the journey wouldn’t be as much fun.

The market for fake Rolex watches is massive. Why else would there be so many in production and the brand taking action against the counterfeit market? We have to ask ourselves what is the benefit to owning a fake Rolex watch to understand why people buy them. After much thought, there is only one benefit, which we already identified above, but many downsides to buying a fake Rolex. Let’s go into a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy a fake Rolex just in-case if you’re on the fence of buying one.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Fake Rolex

  1. You can’t fool yourself
  2. You’ll still want the real Rolex
  3. Fake Rolex are poorly made
  4. You won’t impress anyone who really knows watches
  5. They are terrible investments
  6. You’re fueling the counterfeit market

You can’t fool yourself

For many who buy a fake Rolex, it’s all about displaying wealth and status, which is the opposite of many actual Rolex owners. If you buy one of these Rolex replicas, you’ll be reminded each time you look down at your fake Rolex that you are not what you want others to perceive you as. To me, I wouldn’t want something as fun as a watch to be a constant reminder that you aren’t who you want to be.

You’ll still want a real Rolex

At the end of the day you’ll still want the real thing. Buying a fake Rolex might scratch your watch collecting itch for a little bit but that relief will quickly disappear. You’ll know deep down that what you bought isn’t real and quickly find out that you aren’t experiencing the joy of Rolex Ownership.

Fake Rolex are poorly made

Let’s be honest, the products just aren’t that good. Yes, manufacturing has improved and newer fake Rolex watches look almost identical but looks only go so far. Quality control is awful, warranties don’t exist, and the accuracy is terrible for fake Rolex watches. Looking like the real thing and performing like the real thing are very different.

You won’t impress anyone who knows watches

Nothing will destroy your credibility in the watch community like owning a fake Rolex. Trust me, watch enthusiasts will be able to spot a fake Rolex and when they do, you’ll most likely not get invited back to any events or meetups. Trying to show off a fake Rolex to people outside of the watch community is one thing but trying to pass a fake off as the real thing with people in the know just isn’t a smart choice.

In addition to that, many watch enthusiasts don’t get as excited about Rolex as others who don’t have the same level of passion. That is because they’ve already owned Rolex, interested in higher end brands, or appreciate a watch for just being a watch therefore brands don’t matter as much.

Fake Rolex are a terrible investment

There have been many arguments made that buying a fake Rolex is a smarter financial decision because you can buy them for 2% of the cost of a real one. I’m here to tell you that argument couldn’t be any more wrong.

In todays market, every Rolex is selling for a premium. The Oyster Perpetual collection is a great example. These used to be entry level Rolex watches but now some are selling more pre-owned than Submariners.

Finally, the fake Rolex watches aren’t worth the cost of servicing. Don’t try to take a fake Rolex to a certified Rolex service center because that’ll get rejected quickly. Taking the fake watch, which most likely has a cheap asian movement, is going to cost more than the actual watch itself. So whatever you spent on the fake Rolex, probably $200-$500, lasted you about 3 years and you’ve retained zero of the value of your purchase.

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You’re fueling the counterfeit market

It’s simply economics, buying more Rolex replica watches will increase the supply. The more buyers are turning to counterfeits instead of the real thing, these black markets will only increase in size and power. None of this is good for the actual watch community. If you can’t afford a Rolex at the moment, save to buy one. If you’re having trouble buying the Rolex you want, improve your relationship with the authorized dealer. Taking the quick and easy route will only make things more difficult in the macro long term.

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Who Makes Fake Rolex Watches

Most of the manufacturing for fake Rolex watches comes from Asia. In this part of the world manufacturing is cheap and there is plenty of infrastructure in place.

Where Do People Buy Fake Rolex Watches

Even though we don’t recommend buying a fake Rolex, most people buy them from the internet or a local connection within their community.

How Much Does A Fake Rolex Cost

A fake Rolex ranges between $200-$500. A higher priced Rolex replica doesn’t always mean that the quality is better. It’s best to just buy the real thing.

How To Tell The Difference Between A Real Rolex And A Fake

Fake Rolex watches will never have the same detail and care that the real ones do. That means to spot a fake Rolex, it’s best to look at the finer details of the watch to find errors.

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