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Are Rolex Watches A Good Investment & What Is Their Value

We answer the question, “Are Rolex Watches A Good Investment” and also discuss the how to get the most out of your Rolex Purchase. Discover why Rolex is a great investment.

Are Rolex Watches A Good Investment

Rolex watches are good investments, especially if bought new, because historically Rolex watches do not go down in value but rather appreciate in price. Rolex stainless steel sport models are the best example of Rolex watches being a good investment. A new stainless steel Daytona costs $14,550 and once purchased is worth up to $38,000.

The Value Of Rolex Watches And Their Prices

Rolex watches are some of the most valuable watches in todays market. What makes Rolex different than other brands like Patek and AP is that their most valuable watches can all be bought for less than $14,000. Because of the current demand, Rolex stainless steel sports models have become some of the hottest and hardest to find watches in the world.

Rolex scarcity combined with high demand has directly lead to a dramatic increase in the value of Rolex watches that are bought new from authorized dealers. This has fueled the debate of whether or not buying Rolex watches can be used as investments.

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Can Buying A Rolex Be Used As An Investment

Buying A Rolex can be used as an investment because Rolex watches appreciate in value over time and some double in value the same day they’re bought. If a Rolex is purchased new at MSRP, the value of that watch is instantly higher in todays market and historically will go up in price. Buying pre-owned Rolex is different because you’re buying at current market rates, which is usually always higher than MSRP, that fluctuate over time.

It’s important to note that an investment doesn’t have to only be something that gains in value. An investment is subject to risk as well. Overall one can consider any purchase to be an investment. How well of an investment that is depends on the purchase.

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Factors That Make Rolex Watches A Good Investment

There are multiple reasons why Rolex watches are a good investment if bought correctly. Let’s take a look at some of those now.

1. Supply & Demand

Supply has exceeded demand so much that Rolex authorized dealers have zero inventory to display in cases and the pre-owned market has exploded because buying new has become extremely difficult.

This is impressive because Rolex produces over 1 million watches a year, which isn’t a small number. Rolex has done such a great job manufacturing quality timepieces and building a brand around them.

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2. Rolex Price Increases

Rolex institutes annual price increases, which protects the value of watches that were previously purchased. This strategy helps Rolex keep up with market demand but more importantly it provides value to their current customers. It’s safe to buy a Rolex because you know that the money you spent will be protected by the brand.

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Which Rolex Watches Are The Best Investment & Gain The Most Value

Stainless steel sport models are the most valuable Rolex watches. In recent years stainless steel Submariners, Explorers, GMT Masters, and Daytonas have just skyrocketed in pre-owned market prices. If these stainless steel Rolex watches are purchased new, they are likely to gain 50% to 200% in value overnight.

What Are The Best 2021 Rolex Investment Watches

  1. Stainless Steel Daytona References
  2. All Rolex GMT Master II References
  3. Rolex Submariner Cermit
  4. Solid Yellow Gold Green Dial Daytona
  5. Any Pastel Dial Oyster Perpetual References
  6. Both Date & No Date Submariner
  7. All Sky Dweller References
  8. Rolex Explorer II
  9. 36mm & 41mm Rolex Explorer I
  10. Datejust Wimbledon References

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