Rolex 3285 Movement: Accuracy, Complications, And Specs

The new Rolex 3285 movement is housed in the GMT Master II and Explorer II collections. Discover accuracy and specs in our Rolex 3285 review.

Rolex 3285 Movement

The Rolex 3285 is part of the new in-house calibres recently released by Rolex. These new calibres have an impressive 70 hour power reserve all while maintaining the Superlative Chronometer rating. The 3285 movement is housed in the Rolex GMT Master II and Rolex Explorer II collections and replaces the outgoing 3186 movement.

New watches that house the in-house Rolex 3285 movement can be identified by the Rolex crown at the six o’clock position in between “Swiss Made”.

The Rolex Batman GMT Master II houses the 3285. Read our full hands-on review of the Batman GMT.

Rolex 3285 Accuracy

The accuracy of the Rolex 3285 movement is +/- 2 seconds per day after the watch is cased. This has earned the 3285 movement the title of a Superlative Chronometer. Accuracy ratings of +/- 2 seconds per day is considered extremely accurate for mechanical movements and its no surprise that Rolex has been able to maintain a high level of accuracy throughout the years.

Complications Of The In-House Rolex 3285 Movement

Mostly known for the the GMT function, the Rolex 3285 movement was made for world travelers. Not only does the Rolex 3285 movement have a GMT function, it also has a quick jump hour hand for convenient time setting. Other complications of this in-house 3285 calibre are date and second hand functions.

Which Rolex Watches Have The 3285 Movement

Rolex GMT Master II and Rolex Explorer II watches both house the Rolex 3285 movement. Below are the specific references that house the 3285 calibre.

Discover the entire Rolex GMT Master II collection.

Rolex GMT Master II

Reference 126710BLRO$9,500
Reference 126710BLNR$9,500
Reference 126711CHNR$14,800
Reference 126719BLRO$38,250
Reference 126715CHNR$38,250

Rolex Explorer II

Reference 216570$8,350
Reference 216570$8,350

Rolex 3285 Specs

  • Calibre : 3285
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Power Reserve: 70 Hours
  • Accuracy: +/- 2 Seconds Per Day
  • Service Interval: ~5-7 Years
  • Features: Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. High-performance Paraflex shock absorbers
  • Complications: GMT & Date

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