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2022 Rolex Releases

Explore Rolex 2022 Watches

New Watches Released By Rolex In 2022

Rolex has released a wonderful set of new 2022 watches at Watches & Wonders. In typical Rolex fashion, their new watches were not what many expected. Some might view them as underwhelming and others got exactly what they want. One thing is for certain, all of the new 2022 Rolex watches are fabulous and look absolutely amazing. There has never been year in memory in which Rolex was more creative. Enjoy and explore the new 2022 Rolex watches.

When Will The New 2022 Rolex Watches Be Available For Purchase

Rolex has not announced when their new 2022 watches will be available for purchase. In recent years, authorized dealers were supplied initial inventory to sell on the launch day and then received smaller amounts throughout the year. With a constrained supply chain, we expect inventory to arrive later than usual but in good numbers.

What Is The Expected Waitlist For The 2022 Rolex Releases

It’s hard to tell at the moment what the Rolex waitlists will look like for these new 2022 Rolex models. Although there is high demand for all Rolex watches, expect considerable interest in the new green bezel GMT Master II, green Datejust 41, and ice blue dial Day Date 40.

What Was Discontinued By Rolex In 2022

Discontinued Rolex models for 2022 include the legacy Air King reference, colorful dial Oyster Perpetual 41 references, and Deepsea references.

Explore The New 2022 Rolex Watches

2022 GMT Master II Green Bezel

The most surprising 2022 Rolex release was undoubtably the Green bezel GMT Master II. Already this watch has earned the nickname “Sprite”. It’s not the color that surprised the watch community, it was that this is a left handers watch. Rolex has put the crown on the left side of the watch. Although the 126720 is housed with the 3285 calibre, it had to be modified, essentially mirrored, to be used in this watch.

It’ll be interesting to observe how the new Rolex 2022 GMT Master II will fare compared to the Pepsi & the Batman. Green is always a popular color with the Rolex community but it’s still unknown how 90% of them will react to a watch that doesn’t fit their wrist.

2022 Day Date 40 Ice Blue Dial

The 2022 Day Date 40 ice blue dial is our favorite new watch from Rolex this year. Rolex has been on the forefront of using shades of lighter blues on their dials. The shine of the platinum metal, sunburst dial, polished roman numeral, and fluted bezel make this one of the most recognizable and lustrous watches in current production. Simply put, this watch shines bright.

2022 Datejust 41 Green Dial

Out of all the 2022 Rolex watches that were announced, the Green Dial Datejust 41 was the one that Rolex appeared to appeal to the masses. Green is always a very popular color and many on forums, video platforms, and blogs have been talking about this one for years. Expect the Green Dial Datejust 41 to be the most popular Datejust in production and the second most popular watch of all the 2022 Rolex releases.

2022 Air King

The theme for this years 2022 Rolex release launch was tailored to the 2022 Air King. It’s been a long time since the Air King receive much of any attention from Rolex. This collection is often listed last on their website and hasn’t received any of the modern technology until now.

At first glance this appears to be the same watch with just an upgraded movement, calibre 3230, but there is much more. The case, bracelet, clasp, and parts of the dial were completely redesigned.

2022 Yacht Master Yellow Gold

To continue the trend of solid gold Yacht Masters, the 2022 Rolex release, featured a yellow gold Yacht Master on an Oyster Flex strap. The gold Yacht Masters have become incredibly popular and viewed by many of their owners of what they wish the Submariner collection to be. The design is daring but yet retains all the Rolex DNA.

2022 Datejust 31 Floral Motif

Further expanding into the motif dial trend, Rolex has released a new floral pattern for the Datejust 31 collection that includes diamonds and different dial colors. This is a positive sign for many who have been requesting Rolex get more creating than just changing dial colors. We see Rolex exploring how well these dial sell as a beta test to eventually rolling more of these out in some of their more popular collections.

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