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Top 10 Rolex 2021 Predictions: New Releases

Discover our Top 10 Rolex 2021 Predictions. Our in-depth analysis has us excited about what Rolex might release for 2021 year.

Our 2021 Rolex Predictions

Rolex is in a primed spot leading into the new year. The brand is well positioned and all new and used models are still hot. This will allow Rolex to keep making unique changes to its current lineup. Our top 10 Rolex 2021 predictions will hopefully be just as good as last years. With that being said Rolex keeps very quiet about what they are working on internally so we are just like you, guessing. What we can do though is analyze Rolex’s past releases, consumer demand, and the overall market that will lead us to our top 10 Rolex 2021 predictions. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, it’s time to view our Rolex 2021 predictions!

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1. The Rolex Daytona Hulk

Our largest top 10 Rolex 2021 prediction for this year will be the introduction of the Rolex Daytona Hulk. It’s almost impossible to find a Daytona at an AD or find a stainless steel model for under $20k on the used market. Just image the demand that a green dial, green ceramic bezel, and stainless steel reference would generate. With all the global issues we’ve gone through in the last year, Rolex needs to make a huge splash in the watch industry to keep their thrown. Introducing another Hulk in the Daytona collection would literally make watch enthusiasts go crazy.

2. Rolex Explorer III: Encased GMT Display

2021 is an anniversary year for the Rolex Explorer collection. We’ve already seen Rolex put a focus into their marketing over the last two years hyping this year to be the year of the Explorer. Combine that with it has been some time since there has been an update, and we’ve got ourselves a chance at a new GMT model.

3. Rolex Explorer II Green GMT Hand

On the Submariners 50th anniversary, they released the Hulk signifying the classic Rolex green. Switching out the orange for green on the GMT hand would just feel right and follow the natural pattern of celebrating historic milestones. We are confident that this portion of our top 10 Rolex 2021 predictions has a great chance of actually being realized.

For a hands on review of the Rolex Explorer II, check out our article.

4. Jubilee Bracelet Options For The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner got an overdue upgrade for its new 3230 & 3235 movement during the last releases, now the Rolex Submariner 41 will get its opportunity get a jubilee again. Within the last couple years the Datejust 41, a larger mens watch, got the jubilee and sales are about 50/50. It makes since to give buyers an option on the Submariner again to allow every Rolex buyer to get the exact watch they are looking for. If this Rolex 2021 prediction comes true, it’ll make room for a quick deployment of new models on a watch that still drives everyone nuts.

5. Lady’s Submariner

Ladies have been calling it for a long time and this year they might just get it. Women have been trending toward larger watches for some time now and it would make since to give the ladies an opportunity to wear the most iconic dive watch in history on a size that will fit.

6. All Blue GMT Master II

Fanboys have been predicting an all blue submariner in stainless steel for years. We don’t think that will happen anytime soon but that doesn’t mean Rolex isn’t listening. To give the people what they want and to not devalue the precious metal Smurf; a blue dial and blue ceramic bezel GMT II makes perfect sense. The GMT Master II has been a popular model for updates in recent years and have been super successful each year. When it comes to strategy, don’t fix what’s not broken. We believe that any top 10 Rolex 2021 predictions list should include a GMT Master II.

7. Increased Production For Stainless Steel Sports Models

Considering the economic environment that we are in, it makes sense to provide the market their most popular models. Not because Rolex isn’t confident in their other models, but now more than ever buyers are evaluating less expensive options. If that buyer finally had access to watches the like the Submariner, Daytona, or Explorer though, they might not even look in a different case.

8. More Models Than Usual Will Be Discontinued

Production can only be pushed so far. For Rolex to continue to be the leader in the industry they will need to beef up production of their most popular models. What that means is that production will need to be cut for other models which will lead to more discontinued models than usual for this year. This part of our top 10 Rolex 2021 prediction may not be realized but it should at least be considered.

9. The New Rolex 2021 Models Will Be Released in April

With the previous years models getting released 6 months late, it will make predicting when the new Rolex models will be released for 2021 difficult. Rolex tends to stick with tradition and proven methods so we can most likely expect releases coming around the same time as Baselworld in 2021, even though Baselworld has been cancelled. This release schedule will aid in manufacturing, R&D, and channel distributions to get back to normal.

10. There Will Be No Price Increase

The dreaded price increase most likely won’t happen in 2021. Not only because one happened in 2019 but with the state of the economies, timing just doesn’t feel right. If we do see a price increase in 2021 that will be a strong sign of Rolex’s outlook on demand. Every decision they make is calculated so if we see it, we should expect to see more growth.

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