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When Will Rolex Be Releasing New Watches In 2021

If you’re wondering when Rolex will be releasing new watches in 2021, you potentially don’t have to wait any longer. We’re strategically predicting when Rolex will be releasing their new watches in 2021.

The Most Likely Release Date For New Rolex Watches In 2021

Traditionally Rolex released their new watches at Baselworld, which in the past took place in early April each year. That all changed in 2020. Baselword was already losing manufactures but the introduction of COVID basically ended the convention forever.

What we saw from Rolex in 2020 was a delayed release. Initially it was thought that Rolex might skip the new releases and wait until 2021 but they instead went with a September 1st release. The reason why we believe Rolex pushed this through was because they wanted to get the new Submariner 41 out into circulation. Outside of the Submariner the other new releases were a bit of a let down, outside of a niche market for crazy color dial connoisseurs.

We expect in 2021 for Rolex to get back to a normal release schedule that includes an April or early spring release date.

Why Does This Make Sense?

The reason why we think reverting back to the original release schedule makes sense is because that is how the business calendar was normally operated. You have to think about R&D schedules, seasonality, and production. Rolex didn’t release watches during Baselworld because they wanted to be at Baselworld. The date of Baselworld was dictated by when the industry wanted to release their watches.

From our discussions with watch dealers, we’ve concluded that this past year was an amazing year for sales and that includes brands other than Rolex. What that means is that there isn’t a business case to try and change the industry release schedule due to COVID.

What We Expect To Be Released

We’ve written an article and have done a YouTube video that goes into detail what we expect Rolex to release in 2021. Check it out!

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