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Rolex 2022 Price Increase By The Numbers

Discover insights to Rolex 2022 price increases which include when and how much the Rolex watches will go up in price.

Rolex 2022 Price Increase

Rolex more than any other brand is in the best position to implement a considerable price increase. Almost all their watches are considered investments because they sell more pre-owned than they do new.

Demand is through the roof and inflation is on the rise, which make a Rolex price increase for 2022 all but assured.

For people on the Rolex waitlist get ready to pay more, I’m sure the increase will not matter. For those who are current owners, congratulations your watch just increased in value. Based on past performance, it’s fairly certain that the pre-owned market will realize the same increase in pricing as the MSRP prices.

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Where To View Rolex Price Lists

Rolex prices are often difficult to find in an organized manor. That is why we’ve put together the most up to date Rolex price list that is organized by collection. You can view the complete price list here. To take it a step further we’ve also linked each reference to a separate educational page to learn more about each watch.

When Will The Rolex 2022 Price Increase Be

Rolex increased their prices for the watches January 1st 2022. The rate of the price increase was different for all the watches. Some models even experienced a decrease in pricing.

How Much Did Rolex Prices Increase In 2022

We have seen some Rolex models costs rising close to $1,000 and some models actually decreased in price. To see the full Rolex 2022 price list, check out our article.

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