Top 10 Tudor 2022 Predictions: New Watches

What new watches might Tudor release next year? Find out with our Top 10 Tudor 2022 predictions.

*Update* Tudor has released their new 2022 Tudor Watches. Discover each new watch.

2022 Tudor Predictions

Tudor has quickly become one of the most exciting brands, especially when it comes to launching new watches. What makes our Tudor 2022 predictions so much fun is that they can go in so many directions. Tudor is fearless and nothing appears to be off limits when it comes to producing quality tool watches. In this Tudor 2022 predictions article, we will speculate possible new Tudor watches and what the brand might do strategically in 2022.

1. New Colorful Dials

It’s usually Tudor that will test the waters with creative designs instead of it’s big brother Rolex. That wasn’t the case with the colorful OP dials of 2020. One of our most confident Tudor 2022 predictions is that they release new colorful dials that capture some of the left over demand of buyers who can’t obtain an OP. Personally I would love to see this for the black bay 41 and 36 collection.

2. Expansion Of The Black Bay Chronograph Collection

Last year’s white dial Black Bay Chronograph took the world by storm. It was instantly one of the hottest watches of the year and still commands a waitlist similar to Rolex. We bet that in 2022 Tudor will expand on the Black Bay Chronograph collection by adding either new dial/bezel combinations or a series of limited editions.

3. Tudor Style Collection Will Get Updated

It feels like, at least to me, the Tudor Style collection is often forgotten and seems like little attention is put into it. It’s a shame considering the potential that the collection has. A sound Tudor 2022 prediction is that they will do an overhaul of the Style collection. What I’d like to see is Tudor fit this collection with new movement from the Kenissi investments and a design that doesn’t mimic the Datejust as much.

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4. New Tudor Black Bay 58 References

If you’ve been following Tudor for the last couple years it’s no secret that their most popular watch is the Black Bay 58. It’s almost universally loved by everyone. Throughout the last year we have seen Tudor explore with new case materials, which have been interesting. What we predict Tudor to do in 2022 for the Black Bay 58 is to either come out with new dial/bezel combinations for the steel references or completely re-engineer the bracelet. It’s the opinion of many that if there was one aspect of the Black Bay 58 that could use improvement, it would be the steel bracelet.

5. A Price Increase Will Happen In 2022 For Tudor

Tudor will have to manage a potential price increase with care. They are known for being a less expensive alternative brand that over delivers on value. With that being said we do anticipate a Tudor price increase for 2022 but only slightly. The watch industry is booming and trends are forecasting that it’ll be the same in 2022 so a price increase is justifiable.

6. Tudor Watches Will Still Be Difficult To Find New

Demand for Tudor watches will continue to be strong in 2022. Many of the more popular references like the Black Bay 58 and Black Bay Chrono are still on waitlists and who knows when that will end. We believe Tudor is primed to bring some of their least popular collections to the forefront, which will only make finding Tudor watches new all that more difficult.

7. More In-House Movements

Recently Tudor invested in Kenissi, a watch movement manufacturer. This investment is now a couple years old so we expect that Tudor has worked out any kinks in manufacturing and delivery to the point where they can commit to more in-house references. It wouldn’t surprise us to see our Tudor 2022 prediction of more in-house movements being used.

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8. New Watch Releases Throughout 2022

Traditionally watch brands had one major launch of all their new watches for the year at or around Baselworld. With Baselworld now gone, many brands have taken this opportunity to own their own space by releasing new watches throughout the year. We predict that Tudor will do exactly this in 2022. Tudor still gave us the big launch this past year in the spring but also provided many new releases throughout the year. Personally I enjoy this type of marketing and PR and hope to see Tudor continue the trend in 2022.

9. Expect More Tudor Limited Editions

It is our Tudor 2022 prediction that we see more limited edition and collaboration watches from this pioneer of a watch brand.  In the past, collaborations and limited editions have worked well for Tudor. They are positioned very nicely to team up with some of the best adventure and outdoor brands/events to create watches that can create a memorable story.

10. Tudor Will Be More Aggressive Than Rolex In 2022

No matter what, there will always be a comparison between these two brands. Tudor has always seemed to be the more bold of the two brands but that has flip flopped over the last couple years. We predict that in 2022 Tudor will be more bold and aggressive than its big brother. What that means is we expect Tudor to make bigger changes that modernize some of the collections, something Rolex isn’t able to do.

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