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New 2024 Rolex Watches Released at Watches and Wonders

Rolex has released their new 2024 watches at Watches & Wonder in Geneva. Discover all their new watches and what this signals as a brand.

2024 Rolex Watches

Rolex has finally released their new watches for 2024. Leading up to this highly anticipated launch at Watches and Wonders was full of speculation and predictions about what Rolex might come out with this year. The wait is finally over and what we got, as collectors and enthusiasts, was inspiring. Released this year was a new GMT Master II, a whole bunch of new variations of the Day Date, a 1908 with a beautiful dial, a solid gold Deepsea, diamond loaded Cosmograph Daytonas, and solid gold Sky Dwellers with jubilee bracelets.

The new 2024 Rolex watches focused mostly on elegance, sophistication and choice. Mainly with the use of gold and gem setting, rather than stainless steel. To some of you who may have wanted more stainless steel models remember that Rolex has dominated that market for years. What we got this year provided a refreshing splash of creativity and fun into a catalog that has been criticized in the past as being too sterile. Overall I was very impressed by watches Rolex came out with in 2024. I wonder, and this will be the true test, is what the Rolex waitlist will be like for these new references.

I want to highlight what these release signals before we dive into the new 2024 watches. There is no other watch brand in the world that can release this many watches, mostly in solid gold with many containing diamonds. This signals the strength of the demand for Rolex watches and Rolex production capabilities to produce this vast amount of new watches. If you look below the surface of just which watches were released, you’ll observe the strength of the brand that Rolex is.

Next, let’s discuss these new watches while we provide a brief overview of each.

Rolex GMT Master II - 2024 New Rolex Watch - Black and Grey Bezel

Rolex GMT Master II

The only new stainless steel reference released from Rolex in 2024 was the 126710GRNR, which is part of the GMT Master II collection. This watch features a black and grey bezel, green GMT hand, and green text on the dial. This 40mm iconic word traveler watch is available in either the oyster bracelet or the jubilee.

This new GMT has been rumored for some time now. It was only last year that the black and grey bezel was first introduced, but in a two tone model. With this speculation, many wondered if Rolex was going to discontinue any of the current references in production like the Batman or Pepsi. We have verified through the Rolex website and neither of the references have been discontinued.

Overall I believe the community will be very pleased. The more monochrome bezel will be very appealing to some. It has more of an understated look to it compared to some of the more contrasting colors variations available. Out of all the watches in the Rolex GMT Master II collection, the new 126710GRNR appears to be the easiest one to wear everyday.

Rolex Day Date - 2024 New Rolex Watch

Rolex Day Date

This year Rolex strengthened their premier precious metal collection, the Day Date. Essentially Rolex did a complete overhaul of the Day Date, which included many new available variations of gold, platinum, and diamond options in the 40mm and 36mm sizes. There are over 50 new available references on the Rolex website to choose from. What you’ll notice is just how creative Rolex was with their new 2024 Day Date’s. With an almost limitless way to configure these watches, there should be a Day Date to fit the needs and appeal of anyone who can afford this watch.

To provide context to all the different components that can me mixed and matched, lets lay them all out. A Day Date can differ by it’s case/bracelet material, bezel option, dial color/material, indice type, day disc language, case size, and optional use of diamonds in either the dial, bezel, or bracelet. This many options almost ensures that if you want a Day Date that you’ll never see two of, these new 2024 Rolex watches are for you.

Rolex 1908 - 2024 Rolex Watch - Ice Blue Dial

Rolex 1908

My favorite watch released by Rolex in 2024 was the 1908 in platinum and the rice-grain motif ice blue dial. The 1908 plays a very significant role for the future of Rolex. I see them using this collection to test their own creativity and observing how it captivates their collectors attention. To me the 1908 is so interesting because it’s the one Rolex watch that doesn’t look like a Rolex watch. The brand is harnessing elegance and combining it with the precision they are known for. What makes the 1908 watch even better is the price tag. Yes I know this is still expensive but with a retail price of $30,900 USD for the ref. 52506, this watch seems like a bargain. Other platinum watches from the Rolex can be twice as much and have half of the charm of the new ice blue 1908.

For the future, we expect Rolex to introduce more dial colors in the rice-grain motif. This design element, to me at least, is really what sells this watch. It would also be nice to eventually have stainless steel references offered as well.

Rolex Deepsea - 2024 New Rolex Watch - Gold Watch & Blue BezelDial

Rolex Deepsea

Whether you need to dive to depths of 3,900 meters or wear a water weight on your wrist that will accelerate your rate of decent, the new Rolex Deepsea 136668LB will accomplish both. All joking aside, this new solid gold Deepsea is an incredible sports watch. Before this 2024 release, the Deepsea collection was sterile and existed purely for performance. Now with the 136668LB there is a explosion of luxury and color now available. Other than the solid gold case and bracelet, the next noticeable feature of this watch is how the blue from the bezel continues all the way to the dial. If you look closely, there are 3 layers of blue. In order, from top down, is the bezel, the “Ring Lock System” chapter ring, and the dial. Personally I enjoy this and believe it adds a fun look that enhanced the legibility of this solid gold Rolex Deepsea. From a functionality standpoint, the new 136668LB has all the same specifications as the stainless steel Deepsea references, which include 44m case diameter, calibre 3285 movement, 70hr power reserve, and Rolex glidelock extension system just to name a few.

Rolex Daytona - 2024 New Rolex Watch - Diamonds

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Last year Rolex did a complete redesign for the Rolex Daytona but they didn’t stop there. In 2024,8 new references were introduced, all with diamonds bezels, some with mother of pearl dials, and the available option for an Oysterflex bracelet. Now, for the first time the Rolex Daytona now comes in a diamond bezel in two different designs. One style is round diamonds encircling the case and the other is smooth rectangular diamonds make one clean circle. Although with these new models the tachymeter is gone, the joy and use you’ll get out of these new diamond bezels will far exceed what was replaced.

The new 2024 Rolex Daytona watches do come at a premium cost. The range of the diamond bezel references range from $114,600 USD for the white gold oysterflex model (ref. 126539TBR) to $123,400 USD for the rose gold model (ref. 126595TBR).

Rolex Sky Dweller - 2024 New Rolex Watch

Rolex Sky Dweller

With a mix of rose and yellow gold, Rolex introduced 7 new Sky Dwellers all in precious metal and jubilee bracelets. After this years new 2024 Rolex watches, it’s abundantly clear that the brand is empowering their collectors with choice. All the same watches released this year were also available in the oyster bracelet but that just wasn’t enough. From an ownership perspective, I own both the oyster bracelet and jubilee, the jubilee bracelet is a much for elegant wearing experience. It makes sense, that a solid gold watch from Rolex would have this type of bracelet, which will allow it to reach it’s full luxury potential.


Overall I was very pleased with what Rolex released this year. It signaled their strength in the luxury watch market and gave more choice and customization than ever before to their collecting community. In 2024 Rolex remains the king and has completely flexed their confidence in their production and ability to meet consumer demand.

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