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Top 10 Omega 2022 Predictions

Discover our Top 10 Omega 2022 Predictions and which watches Omega might release. Our in-depth analysis shows it’ll be an exciting year.

Omega 2022 Predictions

Omega is a premier watch manufacture and they are already on the cusp of market dominance. We are very high on Omega and our Omega 2022 predictions and potential new releases reflect that. Expectations are high but rightfully so.

*Update* Omega has launched their new 2022 watches. Check them out to see if our predictions were correct.

1. Omega Will Be More Like Rolex

When we say Omega will be more like Rolex in 2022 that isn’t us saying that Omega will be Rolex in 2022. With that being said there is no doubt that Omega has been making all the right moves recently and is closing the gap. We’ve seen Omega launch the new 2021 Moonwatch to compete with the Daytona, authorized dealers selling watches closer to MSRP, and Omega movements becoming superior to Rolex.

Eventually what this will all lead to is more demand and better value for the watches that Omega sells. When you compare the two brands, one can argue that the demand/value attribute is the only win for Rolex over Omega. Our biggest Omega 2022 prediction is that Omega will gain some ground.

2. Omega Will Have A 2022 Price Increase

Demand for Omega watches have improved over the last year which puts the brand in a favorable position to have a 2022 price increase. With Rolex being so difficult to purchase, Omega has perfectly aligned themselves to be an accessible brand that many new buyers have flocked to. It’s not only availability which has caused the rise in demand of Omega watches, it’s also been the actual watches themselves.

Let’s take a look at the collections that are selling like crazy. We have the Seamaster 300m, Seamaster 300, new Speedmaster Moonwatch, Aqua Terra, and Planet Ocean. Compare these watches side by side with any competitor in their respective classes and it’s obvious that Omega produces quality watches with designs people love. Like I’ve mentioned before, Omega is doing all the right things and positioning themselves to be a brand that watch enthusiasts will love and pay good money for.

3. Omega Will Releases Watches Throughout The Year In 2022

Staying in the news is key and we predict that Omega knows that too. We’ve seen a trend over the last couple years which includes watch brands doing multiple smaller releases throughout the year, especially since Basel World is no more. Although Omega will probably do a major launch in late March or early April, expect to see regular releases throughout 2022.

4. The New Seamaster Aqua Terra Small Seconds Collection Will Expand

The introduction of the new Aqua Terra Small Seconds watch has created shockwaves through the Omega community. I’ve spoke to dealers and they are telling me that they have got non-stop requests for these watches since they were announced.

Omega may have underestimated the popularity of this collection but will capitalize on it by expanding the references. We thinks its reasonably accurate to include in our Omega 2022 predictions that the Seamaster Aqua Terra Small Seconds will get more beautiful dial combinations to capitalize on their demand.

*UPDATE* The Aqua Terra collection did receive some new watches in 2022 but it wasn’t the Small Seconds references. New 34mm & 38mm Aqua Terras were released with brilliant colorful dials.

Read our full review on the Aqua Terra Small Seconds collection.

5. Multiple Limited Editions For The New Seamaster 300

This past year Omega redesigned the Seamaster 300 to much applause. They have already released new creative material references that include a mixture of gold and bronze. We anticipate that the Seamaster 300 line will see some very creative limited editions throughout 2022. Not only because it’s a cool watch at a great price point but because the design lends itself to being very versatile. Be on the lookout for some fun collaborations and beautiful limited editions for this collection in 2022.

6. Omega Bracelets Will Be Tapered

The one knock that many buyers have about Omega watches are their bracelets. It has nothing to do with the quality or material selection. It all has to do with the bracelets not tapering down to the clasp. Tapered bracelets have come to be something that many watch enthusiasts enjoy and prefer for comfort. We expect with our Omega 2022 prediction that some of the collections will see a new bracelet that tapers on the wrist to give more buyers exactly what they want.

7. Green Omega Seamaster 300m

We predicted this last year and we are doing it again in our Omega 2022 predictions list. Please Omega, release a deep green reference for the Seamaster 300m lineup. Virtually every watch brand last year went all in on green but it appears Omega waited on the sideline. This would be the perfect time to jump in and provide a beautiful watch in this color that will give everyone who missed out on the Hulk something to go get!

*Update* Turns out we were right with this prediction. Omega did release a new Green Omega Seamaster 300m.

8. Omega Watches Will Retain Their Value Better

If Omega dealers continue the trend of not discounting and Omega keeps releasing hot watches, value retention is going to increase for the brand. Gone are the days of over producing too many skus and watching them get dumped into the grey market. In today’s manufacturing environment, there is no time for that. Expect to see Omega right size production, dealers realizing they can sell Omega watches for more, and the buyers value perception steadily increasing.

9. The Planet Ocean Collection Will Have A Splash Of Red

Last year was the year of green. It’s not only in our Omega 2022 predictions list but other as well, we think red will be the new color everyone tries this year. To us there is no better watch to go in with red than the Planet Ocean. A bright red ceramic bezel and a glossy red ceramic dial combination would look fantastic. The Planet Ocean has already tried the orange to mixed success but red would take this watch to instant waitlist. It is a bit perplexing that Omega’s logo is red and their watches lack that color. Who knows but I bet in 2022 we’ll see red on the Planet Ocean.

10. Expect To See More Branding From Omega

Omega is primed and ready for another explosion in popularity and branding opportunities. What we’re predicting for 2022 is that outside of the winter Olympics, Omega will find more branding opportunities to ride the current wave they’re on. If you’ve read everything above it’s evident that we believe Omega owns a strong position in the marketplace and with increased branding, they have the chance to cement themselves as the readily available luxury wrist watch brand.

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