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Omega Seamaster 300m Review: The Perfect Everyday Watch

Our Omega Seamaster 300m review details all aspects of the watch from our personal experience with the Seamster 300m for a week on the wrist.

Omega Seamaster 300m Review

For 25 years the Omega Seamaster 300m has been a sought after dive watch and compares closely to the Rolex Submariner. In 2018 Omega updated the Seamaster 300m to the reference we see today. These updates included a new movement, dial, hands, indices, and helium escape valve.

The most recent Omega Seamaster 300m is just as beautiful as it is functional. Omega did an excellent job at staying true to the tool watch application of the Seamaster 300m while at the same time enhancing it’s design.

There are 3 features, from a design standpoint, that really make this watch stand out in a crowd. Those 3 features are the mirror polished ceramic wave patterned dial, large luminous hands, and the highly finished Master Chronometer Omega Calibre 8800. All three help mold the Omega Seamster 300m into a super legible tool watch that looks stunning on the wrist.

When we were doing our research for our Omega Seamaster 300m review we discovered just how great of a value the Seamaster is. With a MSRP starting at $5,200, the Omega Seamaster 300m makes a case for one of the best value proposition watches on the market. Considering that the Seamaster 300m ranks right up there with the Rolex Submariner is reason alone to check this watch out if you’re in the market for a luxury dive watch.

For a more hands on experience, check out our Youtube video of our Omega Seamaster 300m review.

Why the Omega Seamaster 300m is a tool watch that is ready for any adventure

A tool watch is a watch that serves function first and beauty second. It’s a watch that you can rely on to be durable and always display the correct time. In a more simple term, a tool watch is one that the wearer has complete confidence in wearing in any situation.

The Omega Seamster 300m is the ideal tool watch because it’s built to handle the harshest environments and still be reliable. This isn’t just me saying this, it’s been tested. To achieve the Master Chronometer status, the Omega Seamaster 300m’s movement goes through testing to ensure accuracy at the extremes.

So we now know that the movement is solid and can be relied upon, let’s now go over the case / bracelet. As stated in the name, the Seamaster 300m has a water resistance rating up to 300m which is deeper than 99.999% of us will ever go under water. What this does mean is that for that percentage of us, the Omega Seamaster 300m will never fail us.  The case design and production is also very sturdy. The scratch resistant sapphire crystal on both the front and back are very hard materials along with a secure stainless steel case and bracelet. Whether it be land, air, or sea; this Omega Seamaster 300m will be stronger than you.

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Black Dial Omega Seamaster 300m

What Makes The Seamaster 300m Dial Special

With the current iteration of the Omega Seamaster 300m diver, the popular wave dial has been brought back into production but this time with a twist. The dial is now made of a glossy ceramic that pairs very nicely with the laser etched wave pattern. The glossy look on the 300m ceramic wave dial combined with the raised indices provides an almost calm water reflected. The way the dial plays in the light and the way the indices reflect off the dial is almost too difficult to capture on camera.

This pairing gives this Seamaster 300m diver excellent legibility in regular and low light situations. Our best suggestion is find an authorized dealer, like Moyer Fine Jewelers, to see in person what attracts so many people to the Omega Seamaster 300m.

A Well Crafted Case Design That Is Both Comfortable And Confident

The Omega Seamaster 300m has a 42mm case design that features tapered lugs, a helium escape valve, screw-in crown, transparent case back, and unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel.

Overall I would have to say that the case design has been flawlessly executed. One of the real joys of Omega cases is that they not only taper the lugs but they curve them in as well to give them an even slimmer look. The finishing on the Seamaster case is also a joy to take in. There is the perfect combination of brushed and polished finishes that reflect light in all the right ways.

I was really happy to see that Omega decided to do a transparent case back to showcase the beautiful in-house calibre 8800 movement. Being an enthusiast, it’s always more fun to be able to turn your watch over and take in the beauty of the art and engineering feats it took to provide you with what’s on your wrist.

The biggest drawback I hear on the Omega Seamaster 300m is the helium escape valve. For some it’s just too bulky or they wish it wasn’t there at all. This isn’t my first diver with a helium escape valve so it doesn’t bother me. If you dislike the visual element of a helium escape valve trust me, you won’t notice it after a week. It sounds crazy but it’s true.

The Omega Seamaster 300m has a superior movement, the Omega 8800 Calibre

The Omega Seamaster 300m is fitted with the in-house Calibre Omega 8800 movement. This movement is a master chronometer with the METAS certification. The META certification takes accuracy certifications one step past the more well known COSC.

There are three main upgrades to the Calibre Omega 8800 movement for the Seamaster 300m. The first is the introduction of a co-axial escapement. This escapement makes use of jewels which drastically decreases the need for maintenance. The second is the improvement to its anti-magnetic resistance. The new Co-Axial Calibre Omega 8800 is now rated for resistance up to 15,000 gauss. The third is the increase in power reserve. Its predecessor had a range of 38-42 hours compared to the 8800’s 55 hours.

For more information and specs, read our Calibre Omega 8800 Review.

The Lume On The Hour Markers & Hands Can Light Up The Night

The Omega Seamaster 300m lume is exactly what you would expect out of a luxury Swiss dive watch. The luminous hour markers and hands light up with brilliant blue and green colors. After handling this watch overnight, I was very impressed with how long the luminescence lasted in a low light setting. I literally checked the dial 10 hours since it had seen light and the lume had not faded one bit since it was taken out of the light.

Knowing the time is a matter of life and death for a diver. Have confidence in knowing that your Omega Seamaster 300m luminescence will outlast your deep dives 100% of the time.

Black Dial Omega Seamaster 300m Review

Special Hour & Minute Hand Design For A Special Dive Watch

Part of the unique features of the Omega Seamaster 300m is it’s hour markers and hands. It’s refreshing to see a dive watch that literally has nothing in common to it’s biggest foe, the Rolex Submariner. Often what we see in dive watches is a brand pulling at least part of the Submariner DNA into their design. Omega has sprinted in the other direction.

The hour markers on the Omega Seamaster 300m consist of oversized dots and rectangles, with a double rectangle appearing at the 12 o’clock position. Even though the shapes may be similar to what we see on a Submariner, they look night and day difference when comparing the two. The oversized hour markers make the Seamaster 300m one of the quickest watches to tell the time with. It’s always simple and fast to know where the hour markers are, which brings us now to the hands.

My first reaction to the hands before I had the opportunity to wear this Omega for an extended length of time wasn’t the best. I knew they looked amazing but I wasn’t sure about their legibility because of their skeleton design. After wearing the watch for about a week all that uneasiness went away. The angle of the hour and minute hands actually drives your eyesight to the correct position on the dial super fast and when you combine it with the oversized indices, it makes for a very legible experience.

Bracelet / Clasp

The stainless steel bracelet on the Omega Seamaster 300m seems to be a “love it or hate it” design element of this watch. You hardly ever find anyone in the middle.

When I purchased this watch I did so not liking the bracelet and hoping that it would grow on me. To my delight, it has! My usual preference is a bracelet that tapers down on the wrist and this one doesn’t. It holds true to its 20mm width all the way down to the clasp.

The mix of the brushed and polished finishes of the bracelet are original to when the Seamaster 300m launched. It’s not a common bracelet design used and I was unsure of even this feature when I purchased but again, I’m glad I did. Although it was tempting to write a review immediately, it paid off to wait a week before I dove into our Omega Seamaster 300m review.

Outside of the design, which I’m a fan now, the strength and durability of the bracelet and clasp are really something. I wear my Seamaster 300m with confidence knowing that my watch is secured on my wrist.

I’d have to say that this clasp ranks right up there with the Rolex Submariners Oysterclasp. Both clasps have a glide lock extension but the push extension offered by Omega is easier and quicker to deploy. You simply apply pressure to the clasp and slide out whatever length you need to adjust the watch. Very simple and very secure process for the Omega Seamaster 300m.

Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner

These two watches are often compared to each other because of how closely the brands compete and because these watches are in the same class. This topic deserves an entire article comparing the Omega Seamaster and the Rolex Submariner so we’ll be providing a comparison review soon.

How Much Does the Omega Seamaster 300m Cost?

We consider this dive watch to be one of the best value watches out there and there is no doubt that the Omega Seamaster 300m holds its value. This watch has everything you’d want out of a dive watch and competes against the standard of all dive watches, the Rolex Submariner. Two things are to be considered when valuing this watch. The first is that it comes at a lower price point than its competition and it will retain its value. Other than that it is readily available at authorized dealers to purchase so there are no issues with  availability or having to pay over MSRP.

The Omega Seamaster 300m is priced starting out at $5,200 MSRP and can go all the way up to $13,400 for the two tone chronograph edition.

For a complete list of pricing, visit Omega’s Seamaster 300m pricing catalog.

Popular Models Within The Seamaster 300m Collection

Omega Seamaster 300m White Dial

One of the most popular variations of the new Seamaster 300m is the white dial black ceramic bezel. One of the reasons why users most likely find this attractive is that it’s uncommon to find a diver accompanied by a white dial. With that being said it is a truly attractive combo that is worth taking a look at. The Omega Speedmaster 300m white dial is most likely the hardest reference to find out of the collection but it can be easily obtained if you do your due diligence.

Omega Seamaster 300m Blue Dial

The Omega Seamaster 300m Blue Dial brings a fun splash of color into the collection. The Blue Dial is the perfect compliment to the traditional black dial. For me it was between those two but I eventually didn’t go forward with the Blue Dial because the other is easier to match.

Omega Seamaster 300m James Bond

“Rolex, no Omega”, – James Bond. The Seamaster 300m has been worn many times by James Bond and continues to be featured in limited edition models. These Omega Seamaster 300m James Bond watches are hard to find but I’ve always seen a couple come through Moyer Fine Jewelers. If you’re interested in catching one of these limited editions at MSRP, Moyer will be a great place to start your search.

Green Omega Seamaster 300m

In 2022 we finally got the Green Omega Seamaster 300m. This has been a reference that many Omega enthusiasts have been asking for years. Even though this reference closely resembles the Rolex Hulk, it definitely has its own look. I see this reference commanding a waitlist for a long time.

Specs & Features

Case Diameter42mm
CrownScrew Down
BezelCeramic Unidirectional
Magnetic Resistance15,000 Gauss
Water Resistance300m / 1000ft
CrystalDomed Sapphire
MovementOmega 8800 Calibre
Power Reserve55 Hours
LumeWhite Super-LumiNova
Case BackSapphire
ClaspPush Glide Lock

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