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Omega Planet Ocean 600m Review & Why It’s A Great Value

Discover in our Omega Planet Ocean 600m review why this dive watch is to be taken seriously and why the Planet Ocean collection is a great value.

Omega Planet Ocean 600m Review

In the world of dive watches, many are considered just desk divers. Some even consider the modern king of dive watches, the Rolex Submariner as too luxury to even get in the ocean. That isn’t the case with the Omega Planet Ocean 600m. Even though most recreational or professional divers now wear dive computers, many trust the Omega Planet Ocean 600m to accompany them as a backup on their dives.

As Omega has upgrade the Planet Ocean over the years, they have keep the tool watch aspect of it intact. Personally this is what attracts me the most to it. It is a luxury dive watch that you can be worn in everyday wear or in the harshest environments without fear.

We were fortunate to be able to spend a week with the Blue Omega Planet Ocean 600m, generiously provided by Moyer Fine Jewelers. During our time with this watch we confirmed much of what we already thought, which was the Omega Planet Ocean 600m is a top tier dive watch that punches above its weight. Being priced at $7,100, this watch is considered a huge value because it competes against watches that cost, in some scenarios, twice as much.

We’ve done a full hands on video review on YouTube. Check out our Omega Planet Ocean 600m Review & Unboxing Blue Dial.


For this hands on review of the Omega Planet Ocean 600m we had the pleasure of handing the blue dial. The blue dial is considered by many to be the most desirable out of the collection. Like all true dive watches, time must be legible at a glance and in low light conditions. For this watch that is no issue. We did a great job during our video review showing a great lume shot. Skip ahead and view it here.

If I had to criticize this watch it would be its hands. I’m not the biggest fan of the arrows but I’m not everyone and this watch is a giant hit to many. It’s hard and maybe impossible to find the perfect dive watch so we may be getting a bit nit picky here. Some would argue the hands add to the legibility but I personally prefer something a little less subtle.

Omega Planet Ocean 600m Review - Hands On

The indicies on the dial are spot on. They are raised and highly polished which adds to its elegant design. Arabic numerals accompany the incidies at the 12, 6, and 9 o’clock positions with the a date window appearing in the 3 o’clock position. The combination is executed flawlessly.

Omega Seamaster Co-Axial Movement

The movement housed in the Omega Planet Ocean 600m is the in-house Calibre Omega 8800. This calibre is part of the Master Chronometer in-house movements by Omega. I own this movement and I can attest to its accuracy and reliability. Omega has taken their movements beyond stand chronometer certifications to include improved accuracy under high stress environments that include magnetism. The calibre 8800 has a gauss rating up to 15,000 and can maintain normal accuracy during those intense conditions of magnetism. Power reserve has been a large upgrade compared to older Omega movements. This movement has a power reserve up to 55 hours. Other quick specs on the movement include accuracy of 0/+5 seconds per day, 25,200 vph, free sprung silicon balance spring, and 35 jewels.


There are many sizes that watches within the Omega Planet Ocean 600m collection come in. The watch we received had a case diameter of 39.5mm. I honestly think this is the best size for these watches. Others in the collection come in at 43.5mm and above. The diameter of the 300m I own is 42mm and at times feels like its on the verge of being too big so I would recommend to men of normal stature to first look at the 39.5mm version.

Outside of just the size there are other good features of the case. The case of the Omega Planet Ocean 300m has severely tapered lugs, multiple surfaces across the case and has a luxury finish. It wears very comfortably on the wrist and is a joy to wear.

Omega Planet Ocean 600m Review - Case & Bracelet

Pros & Cons

There is a lot to like with the Omega Planet Ocean 600m watch in all of its sizes. The best features of the Omega Planet Ocean is that they are crafted to endure any environment and keep extremely accurate time. Some watches just feel sturdy and that is exactly what Planet Ocean delivers. The one downside is that this watch is a bit chunky on the wrist. The bracelet is considered bulky and not to mention the 16.1mm case thickness. If Omega could find someway to slim down the 600m water resistant case and make the bracelet more wearable, the Omega Planet Ocean 600m would be unbeatable at it’s valued price point.


  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Legibility
  • Water resistance
  • Brand prestige


  • Bulky proportions

Does The Omega Planet Ocean 600m Retain Its Value?

The Omega Planet Ocean 600m retains a large majority of it’s value due to its luxury status, craftsmanship, and overall demand. A few tips to that will help with value retention is taking great care of the watch, buying new at a discount, or purchasing pre-owned.

Omega Planet Ocean 600m Specs

MaterialStainless Steel
MovementAutomatic Self Winding
Accuracy0/+5 Seconds Per Day
Power Reserve55 Hours
Case Size435mm or 39.5mm
Water Resistance600m
CrystalDoomed Sapphire

Pricing & Availability

Pricing for the Omega Planet Ocean 600m 43.5mm and 39.5mm starts at $7,100 MSRP in stainless steel and is readily available at most authorized dealers. There are many variations to the Planet Ocean 600m collection like the addition of precious metals, additional complications, and limited editions. The retail price for those vary but can be considerable more than the base price for the stainless steel versions.

To view a full price list, we’ve compiled all of Omega’s watch pricing into our Omega Watch Pricing Guide.

Notable Watches Within The Omega Planet Ocean Collection

Even though we didn’t have the all the Omega Planet Ocean 600m available to us at the time of the review, we want to highlight some of the most popular searched watches so you can get to know the collection in more detail.

Omega Planet Ocean 600m - 75th Anniversary Reference

75th Anniversary Blue Omega Planet Ocean 39.5mm

Released in 2023, Omega honored the 75 anniversary of the Seamaster collection by offering each model in a beautiful blue that matches how light is viewed at each depth. For the Planet Ocean 600m watch, Omega decided to go with the 39.5mm version to headline the launch.

Omega Planet Ocean 600m - Orange Reference

Omega Planet Ocean Orange

Did you know that orange is the last color a diver can see descending into complete darkness? Omega has embraced this in the creation of one of its newer color combinations. Check out the Omega Planet Ocean Orange here.

Omega Planet Ocean 600m - GMT Reference

Omega Planet Ocean GMT

Although known mostly for diving capabilities, Omega has made a variation of the Planet Ocean collection to include a GMT. Often known as the “Oreo”, the black and white GMT bezel provides a stunning contrast view of how a GMT watch should look. Check it out here.

Omega Planet Ocean 600m - Chronograph Reference

Omega Planet Ocean Chronograph

What impressive about the Omega Planet Ocean Chronograph is that it’s a chronograph that can actually be used submerged in water. This feature is taking luxury dive watch capabilities to the next level. Discover how beautiful and function the Omega Planet Ocean Chronographs can be.

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