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How Much Is An Omega: Omega 2024 Pricing Guide

Discover how much is an Omega watch and what is an Omega worth with our 2024 Omega pricing guide. We’ve organized a list of each reference combined with price for each Omega collection.

How Much Is An Omega

The average price of an Omega watch is between $5,200 to $7,150 MSRP. This range includes stainless steel references for the Seamaster 300m, Planet Ocean, Aqua Terra, and Speedmaster Professional.

Overall the cost of all Omega watches range between $2,000 up to $60,000+. Movements, precious metals, and limited edition collections are all variables that contribute to the cost of an Omega watch.

How Much Is An Omega Worth

Omega produces premium luxury Swiss watches, which command tremendous value. Not only do many consider Omega to be one of the best watch manufactures but they also consider Omega to have one of the best values.

Omega dominates the $5,200 to $7,150 price range which is the average sale price for their most popular watches. The next price point up is dominated by Rolex. Many believe that even at a higher price point, Rolex is equal with Omega on quality, finish, and accuracy.

Omega watches are valuable luxury items and worth the premium that dealers are selling them for.

2024 Omega Pricing For All Models & References

Omega has slightly increasing their prices over the last few years but that is justified by delivering higher quality watches. What we’re seeing in the market today is that Omega authorized dealers are able to sell Omega watches closer to or at MSRP, which wasn’t the case beforehand. Expect Omega watches to continue to climb in price, new and pre-owned.

We’ve included all the popular Omega references with clickable links to their product page on Omega’s website.

Omega Aqua Terra

Omega Aqua Terra 150 Gents

The classic Omega Aqua Terra 150m is a true sports watch that can also shine in formal settings. Being the direct competitor of the Rolex Datejust, the Aqua Terra has a lot to compete with but that isn’t an issue for this watch. Starting at $5,500 MSRP, the Omega Aqua Terra is a perfect every day watch for any collector.

Omega Aqua Terra Small Seconds

Omega Aqua Terra Small Seconds

Introduced in 2021, the Aqua Terra Small Seconds has turned the heads of many Omega collectors. The additional color combinations that this collection affords is what makes it fun and in our opinion what has pushed the Aqua Terra collection overall into a must own.

Omega Speemaster Professional Moon Watch 310.

Omega Speedmaster Professional

The Omega Speedmaster Professional, also known as the Moonwatch, is the flagship watch of the Omega brand. This iconic piece of history played a critical role in the United States moon missions and in Omega’s popularity. The Moonwatch has the respect of many watch enthusiasts and as earned its way into many collectors watch boxes.

Omega Seamaster 300m

Omega Seamaster 300m

If there was a watch that was ever going to challenge the Submariner, it would be the Omega Seamaster 300m. With many considering the 300m the king of dive watches in todays market, this watch has exploded in popularity. Starting at $5,400 MSRP, Omega has made it easy for tool watch enthusiasts to love this collection.

Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph

Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph

Coming in at a hefty 44mm, The Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph can handle any situation. Land, air, sea, it doesn’t matter. This is a great all around tool watch that just might be the best lesser known Omega.

Omega Planet Ocean

Omega Planet Ocean 600m

Form, function and beauty all meet with the Omega Planet Ocean 600m. This watch has a ceramic case & dial, co-axial master chronometer movement, choice of stainless steel or titanium case construction, and 600m water resistance. The Planet Ocean 600m is a must own for serious divers or extreme adventures.

Omega Seamaster 300

Omega Seamaster 300

A successfully revived heritage model is the Omega Seamaster 300. The current trend of brands going back to collections that put them on the map is picking up steam and Omega has executed it perfectly. With the addition of the new lollipop style second hand, the new reference is quickly becoming one of the most sold watches that Omega manufactures.

Omega Constellation

Omega Constellation

One of the more elegant watches Omega manufactures is the Omega Constellation. Recently Omega has revitalized this collection with the introduction of a ceramic bezel and new dials. With most of the mens watches coming in at 39mm or 41mm, these are perfect for the gents who are looking for a more sophisticated look.

Omega Globemaster

Omega Globemaster

The Omega Globemaster is the more traditional dress watch that Omega offers. This collection has a more simplified 3 hand reference but also has an annual calendar. The Omega Globemaster is a dress watch that can be purchased in precious metals for less than you may think.

Omega Speedmaster '57 331.

Omega Speedmaster '57

Omega has re-released one of the most popular models from their past, the Omega Speedmaster ’57. This 1957 remastered version of the speedmaster has been fitted with a modern co-axial master chronometer movement and a splash of modern design. The ’57 speedmaster is considered to be the most elegant of all the Omega Speedmasters.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon 311.

Omega Speedmaster Dark / Grey Side Of The Moon

Before the new Omega Speedmaster was released in 2021, Omega celebrated the Speedmaster collection with the introduction of the Dark Side and Grey Side of the moon watches. These watches provide unique character to the Speedmaster collection with the introduction of interesting case materials like ceramic.

Omega Railmaster

Omega Railmaster

Maybe the oldest heritage model Omega has brought back to life is the Omega Railmaster. Outside of a new movement, these watches appear to be untouched when it comes to design and size. If you’re interested in going back in time, explore the Omega Railmaster.

Omega Ploprof

Omega Ploprof

With an impressive water resistance of 1,200m / 4,000 ft, the Omega Ploprof is a no non-sense extreme dive watch. Even though most of us won’t ever need the capabilities of this watch, some will and who better than Omega to develop a tool watch adept to handle the pressure of the ocean.

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