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How Much Is A Tudor Watch: Tudor 2024 Pricing Guide

Discover how much is a Tudor watch and what is a Tudor worth with our 2024 Tudor pricing guide. Learn about each watch’s pricing & availability.

How Much Is A Tudor Watch

Tudor watches range between $1,900 MSRP and $16,825 MSRP with the average cost of a Tudor watch being $4,200 MSRP. Demand has dramatically increased for Tudor watches because their price point is below what many buyers would expect therefore making these value watches.

There is a well thought out strategy to what a Tudor watch costs. Tudor is owned by Rolex and is used by Rolex to sell watches at a more affordable price point than where they currently sell at. It’s taken time but Tudor is in full swing and many of their collections are commanding waitlists that look similar to the Rolex waitlists.

How Much Is A Tudor Worth

Tudor does two things very well. Produce quality watches and price them appropriately. Both of these have given way to allowing long term value for their product which in turn makes Tudor watches worth more than many others in the industry.

Many Tudor watches are just as hard to get Rolex and some even sell for a premium on the pre-owned market.

For further analysis, discover our guide to Tudor As Investments & What Are They Worth.

2024 Tudor Watch Pricing For All Models & References

In this article we have organized all the Tudor watch collections and provided sorted pricing for each reference and a link to Tudors website to learn more about each watch.

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay 58

The most popular Tudor watch is the Black Bay 58. The Tudor Black Bay 58 costs between $3,800 MSRP and $16,825 MSRP. The more expensive Black Bay 58 watches are made of silver or gold.

Reference M79030N is widely accepted as the most desirable of the collection and is sold for $3,800 MSRP.

When the Tudor Black Bay 58 was released it instantly caught the attention of the watch community. Even after the most recent Tudor 2024 price increase, the Black Bay 58 is one of the best values on the market today.

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay Chrono

There was a day when the Tudor Black Bay Chrono watches were readily available. Well that isn’t the case anymore. With the emergence of the new M79360N black and white dial reference, a Tudor Black Bay Chrono is virtually impossible to find new at MSRP. Currently waitlists are 6-18 months.

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono costs $5,325 MSRP for the stainless steel reference and $7,250 MSRP for the two tone steel and gold.

How does the Tudor Black Bay Chrono compare to the Rolex Daytona? Check it out with our Daytona and Black Bay Chrono comparison.

How Much Is A Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos is a great example of watch that is tough as nails and can wow you with its looks at the same time. This titanium crafted, large, and perfectly legible watch is a must own for adventurers and thrill seekers alike.

Tudor Pelagos pricing starts at $3,900 MSRP for the Marine Nationale FXD edition and is $4,725 MSRP for the traditional blue and black dial/bezel references.

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay GMT

Often Tudor goes in a separate direction from Rolex but it appears like they dipped their toes in the water of their big brother. To keep it short, it was a massive hit! The Tudor Black Bay GMT instantly grew the longest waitlist that we’ve ever seen from a Tudor watch. Many buyers couldn’t get a hold of a Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi so the next best alternative was going to Tudor’s version of the Pepsi.

The Tudor Black Bay GMT costs $4,175 MSRP on the stainless steel bracelet but can cost as little as $3,850 MSRP on a nato or leather strap.

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay 36/41

The Tudor Black Bay 36 & 41 watches are considered the most bare bones tool watches that Tudor produces. Many have compared them to the Explorer collection because of their many similarities. You can view how they compare with our in-depth analysis.

What you get with the Black Bay 36/41 is a simple, reliable, and durable stainless steel watch that can be worn for everyday use. What many love about this collection is that they can own Swiss luxury and at the same time can fly under the radar while wearing it.

This collection starts at $3,050 MSRP for the 36mm, $3,275 MSRP for the 41mm references, and either $4,100 or $4,200 MSRP for the two tone references.

How Much Is A Tudor Royal

The Tudor Royal is a mix between a sport and dress watch. This recently released collection comes in many different styles and designs. Some have the day/date function and other just a date. There are many different dial and material selections as well.

The Tudor Royal collection ranges between $2,250 and $3,450 MSRP. Factors that effect the pricing of these watches is case material, complications, and the use of diamonds.

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay

The watch that can be credited with the modern rise in popularity of Tudor is the Black Bay. From this collection spawned all the other variations of the Black Bay collection.

The references that cost $3,900 MSRP vary between a red, blue, and black bezel. Special editions like the Black Bay Ceramic are still in production which cost $4,825 MSRP.

How Much Is A Tudor 1926

The vintage inspired Tudor 1926 is a fashionable dress watch that is sophisticated and is priced much lower than you would imagine. This watch is truly one of those pieces that if you guessed it’s price after you handled it you would be shocked.

The Tudor 1926 collection starts out at $1,900 MSRP and tops out at $3,100 MSRP for two tone models. Owning a Tudor, which is a fine Swiss luxury watch, at this price point is hard to pass up. Especially if you’re into the vintage dress watch look.

How Much Is A Tudor Style

It’s no secret that the Tudor Style closely resembles the Rolex Datejust. You cant ignore the fluted bezel and how it appears similar to its bigger brother. With that being said, the Tudor Style is a fantastic watch that can be purchased for much less than the Datejust. What many Tudor Style fans enjoy about this watch is a cleaner dial, optional diamond dials, stainless steel fluted bezel, and that they are extremely affordable.

Tudor Style watches are priced between $2,475 – $3,575 MSRP and they are readily available at authorized dealers. The fluted stainless steel references, which are the most popular, cost $2,675 MSRP while the two tone fluted bezel reference is priced at $3,575 MSRP. Overall there is great value with these watches and deliver on everything that Tudor as a brand represents.

How Much Is A Tudor Glamour

The Tudor Glamour collection is only offered in 36mm & 38mm which classify them as the smallest collection that Tudor produces. These dress watches provide the most flash compared to the the 1926 and the Style collections.

The price for these watches varies wider than usual for a Tudor collection. Entry level Glamour references are priced at $2,800 MSRP and go all the way up to $6,200 MSRP.

For many the Glamour is the dress watch of choice for Tudor because it has something that the other dress watches don’t have, which is an in-house certified chronometer movement.

How Much Is A Tudor Heritage Chrono

One of the most distinct chronographs in production is the Tudor Heritage Chrono. This 45 minute chronograph sports watch has an unconventional vintage design in either blue or black. Both references cost $4,525 MSRP and are one of the more difficult Tudor watches to purchase.

How Much Is A Tudor Heritage Advisor

The Tudor Heritage Advisor is a watch with some cool technology. This watch features a countdown timer that will actually alert the user at the completion of its setting. Getting a watch like this at the price point of $6,225 MSRP is considered rare.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value?

Tudor watches do better than most brands at retaining their value and some models even sell for a premium or above MSRP on the pre-owned market.

For a more in-depth analysis, please visit our article discussing the value of Tudor watches and their investment potential.

Is Tudor Still Owned By Rolex?

Tudor was started by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. Both brands are intertwined and very much benefit from their combined synergies. Tudor is still owned by Rolex and will be for the foreseeable future.

Are Tudor Watches Any Good?

Tudor manufactures quality Swiss watches. Their watches are designed for everyday luxury wear and to be tool watches. Tudor watches are both engineered and priced accordingly for the purposes that they’ll be used for.

Are Tudor Watches The Same As Rolex

Tudor watches are not the same as Rolex. Although Tudor is a great brand, Rolex is superior. Tudor does benefit from shared synergies such as human and monetary capital, equipment, and brand proximity.

Is Tudor A Luxury Brand

Undoubtably Tudor is a luxury brand. Although their watches are built with the purpose of being tool watches, they can be defined as being a luxury brand. They may not be at the top of the luxury pyramid but they are still part of the luxury watch market.

Are Tudor Watches Expensive?

Tudor watches are known for being more of a value watch than an expensive watch. For the quality that Tudor delivers, they are often less expensive than alternatives from other well established brands.

Is Tudor Cheaper Than Rolex?

Rolex is far more expensive than Tudor watches and is done so by design. Tudor, who is owned by Rolex, is strategically priced to be able to sell at a lower price point than it’s older brother.

What Is The Most Expensive Tudor Watch?

The most expensive Tudor is the Black Bay 58 18k gold watch. This watch costs $16,825 and it’s vastly more expensive than any other Tudor watch.

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