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Are Tudor Watches A Good Investment & Do They Hold Their Value?

Many reader ask are Tudor watches a good investment and do Tudor watches hold their value. We answer both those questions in detail with this article.

Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value

Tudor watches are a very popular brand that have many in-demand watches. Tudor is a luxury brand and watches are luxury items so therefore because of that they will inheritable maintain value. Now to answer the question of “Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value” you need to know at what price point did you buy the watch. This is important because if you bought new at a discount or pre-owned at market rate, your Tudor watch will most likely hold its value. If you paid MSRP or even above MSRP on the certain models, your purchase will most likely lose its value.

There are instances where certain Tudor watches have increased in value. This typically happens when a very popular model gets released like the Tudor Pepsi GMT or the Black Bay 58. We’ve also seen vintage Tudor watches increase in value due to market demand. Most often times this isn’t the case.

If you’re concerned if Tudor watches hold their value, we suggest be patient and buy at the right price from a trusted seller. You’ll eventually find the right deal for the right watch that will help you maintain the value of your watch.

Are Tudor Watches A Good Investment

Tudor, the sister company of Rolex, is often thrown into the same discussions of their older brother Rolex. Lots of people who are interested in Rolex often explore Tudor and want to know if Tudor watches are a good investment. Typically we do not advise on buying watches as investments unless you’re flipping but we do understand having assurance that if something happens you can sell your luxury purchase for maybe more than what you bought it for.

Even though Tudor watches hold their value if bought at the right price, we do not see Tudor watches as a good investment. The reason being is that very rarely do you see Tudors selling for more than what they are bought for and the opportunity cost of putting your money in an alternative is just too large.

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