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2020 Rolex Predictions: New Releases

Take a look at our 2020 Rolex predictions and which watches we think Rolex will release for the 2020 year. Read more of our unique Rolex predictions.

Update: We have released our Rolex 2022 predictions.

Unique 2020 Rolex Predictions

2020 has already been a crazy year and it’s disrupted the traditional timeline of when Swiss watch manufacturers release their newest models. With the postponement of Baselworld, every one is left wondering what Rolex might do. Already the 2020 Rolex predictions have been a hot topic but now even hotter than ever because there is a small chance that Rolex may just push releases back to next year.

Our operational 2020 Rolex predictions is an announcement that Rolex is going to shift production to meet the demand of their steel sport watches. This is an obvious problem if you’re even slightly familiar with Rolex. It was our analysis that the two pronged approach of a strategic price increase combined with increased production, Rolex could operationally reduce grey market dealers ability to gauge the pre-owned market.

Let’s play pretend, and it’s always fun to do this time of year, to put our two cents in on the 2020 Rolex predictions. The 2019 Baselworld Rolex releases, in our opinion, fell short of what most enthusiasts were expecting. It was more operational than sizzle. We saw the new 3235 movement make its way into more watches. The new releases that garnered the most attention were the release of the Batman GMT on a jubilee bracelet and the complete precious metal Yachtmaster.

Our 2020 Rolex predictions are a perfect fit for what buyers are looking for and what makes economic sense for Rolex.

Triple Calendar Rolex 2020 Rolex prediction

Triple Calendar Reissue For The Cellini Line

The only triple calendar Rolexes we see today are worn down vintage timepieces that generate insane amounts in auctions or with private collectors. It is a complication that has been on the shelf for a long time that we believe will make it back into the light very soon. This is sort of on the odd side of 2020 Rolex predictions because that means Rolex will be following the market, not leading it, with doing a reissue of a discontinued watch. There is no doubt that for the last couple years vintage and faux patina styled watches have gained in popularity. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Rolex lets its competitors invest and grow that demand and then just come in late to the game to dominate the market? That would be the inverse of how Rolex has operated for years but strategically, it makes perfect business sense in this scenario.

Daytona Two Tone Black Ceramic Bezel

Yes, we know the craze with Rolex today is their stainless steel sports models. What has generated the most demand in terms of premium in the pre-owned market is the introduction of a ceramic bezel to the Rolex Daytona. Our two tone black ceramic bezel Daytona may be our riskiest part of our 2020 Rolex predictions but also one that may have the biggest reward because we aren’t seeing anyone else talking about it. Rolex has always marched to the beat of their own drum and this type of release would completely fall in line with their behavior. Just think of it from a business perspective. They can introduce the same base watch in a different variant, starting with a higher MSRP, and capitalize on the ceramic Rolex Daytona craze. This type of move would not only increase revenue but also might trickle down demand for other two tone references that they have throughout their collections. If there is a Rolex Daytona with a black ceramic bezel that is two tone, we think this will be their most popular release this year.

Rolex Coke GMT Master 2020 Rolex prediction

Coke GMT Master On A Jubilee Bracelet

This is an obvious choice for a 2020 Rolex prediction and will instantly be a grail watch. The previous two years Rolex has introduced a Pepsi and Batman GMT Master on the jubilee bracelet. We believe this will be the year of the Coke (black & red). On the Coke GMT, our predictions is that Rolex will take some fan feedback and incorporate a red that pops a little bit more than what was used for the Pepsi GMT. This selection makes complete sense for Rolex and their enthusiasts. The new GMTs have been selling well over MSRP on the pre-owned market and the demand is through the roof. The introduction of another variant to the GMT Master collection will not only keep demand strong but gobble up even more of the GMT complication market share across the entire industry. There is an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That perfectly sums up the new release strategy for the GMT Master collection from Rolex.

Submariner movement upgrade 2020 Rolex prediction

Submariner Movement Upgrade

This 2020 Rolex prediction is probably the most common among speculators. Most people believe the Rolex Submariner will get a new movement because the series is well overdue and Rolex already has a movement, the 3235 in-house calibre, that is an upgrade in every way. That is not a slight against the current movement, the 3135. The 3135 is a mechanical workhorse that has propelled the Rolex Submariner to where it is today. Like everything in life, change is the only constant and the Submariner is next in line to carry the new in-house movement.

Rolex Explorer With Polar White Dial

The polar white dial for the Rolex Explorer is something that has part of Rolex new release predictions for years. It’s only a matter of time until Rolex decides to give the people what they want. It’s worth noting that next year is the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Explorer line. It would only make sense to make an addition to the already limited references in this series to build excitement and anticipation for what they will bring forward next year. This, out of all of our predictions, might be the laziest out of our 2020 Rolex predictions.

Sunburst Green Dial Option For Datejust 41

The Datejust series is a classic icon in the watch industry and is very popular among Rolex enthusiasts. In recent years Rolex has seen a huge demand in their steel sports models to the point where waitlists are normal. The Datejust line hasn’t experienced that same demand until recently and the sunburst blue dial reference has led the way. The blue dial reference is currently difficult to find at AD’s and it sells for over MSRP on the pre-owned market. Our fun 2020 Rolex prediction is that there is a sunburst green dial reference released for the Datejust 41 to compete against the blue dial and to drum up more demand for the Datejust line. Green is naturally the go to color considering the huge success the Hulk is having and that it’s part of the Rolex color scheme.

Check Back In

After Rolex finally releases their new models, we’ll do a follow up article grading our 2020 Rolex predictions and reviewing their exciting new releases.

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