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Top 10 Omega 2021 Predictions

Discover our Top 10 Omega 2021 Predictions and which watches Omega might release. Our in-depth analysis shows it’ll be an exciting year.

Omega 2021 Predictions

With brands like Omega leaving Baselworld, it makes predicting the release date of new watches somewhat difficult. What we can count on though is that there will be new watches. We enjoy writing articles like our Omega 2021 predictions because we get to speculate and put our research & development hats on. It’s always interesting to see and read what others are thinking and if you’re the brand, if you see enough people talking about the same thing, you might want to deliver. Now it’s time for a bit of fun, check out our Top 10 Omega 2021 Predictions!

Update: Check out our Top 10 Omega 2022 Predictions.

1. Green Omega Seamaster 300m

If the goal is to sell as many watches as possible, it makes sense to offer a diver in a green bezel / dial combination. Even though Omega does everything it can to separate itself from Rolex, the natural progression for the dive watch industry dictates that an all green version is needed in a modern dive watch line-up.

2. Mars Omega Speedmaster

Yes we know this is a BOLD part of our Omega 2021 predictions but we believe that the watch that has been chosen to go to Mars has already been decided. With Space X and Space Force becoming large contenders for not only space exploration but space domination, it makes that the next inner solar system watch has been chosen. It’s our speculation that Omega has gone above and beyond to get an unknown Mars Speedmaster to qualify for the flight. We’d love to see a red dial variation of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.

3. Omega Speedmaster 57′ Ceramic Dial

Why re-invent the wheel when you can recreate success. When Rolex decided to do the ceramic bezel on the Daytona everyone literally lost their minds. Adding a ceramic bezel to the Omega Speedmaster 57′ may not have the same effect but there is no doubt that it can bring more demand to those references. Out of all of our Omega 2021 predictions, we believe this one to be the most realistic.

4. Omega Seamaster 300m GMT

The Omega Planet Ocean has seen success with a GMT reference so it only makes sense that the Omega Seamster 300m gets to enjoy it as well. What Omega enthusiasts love about the 300m is that it’s a true tool watch. Just imagine that we could better augment it by adding a GMT function to it.

5. Red Dial Omega Seamaster Aquaterra 150m

One thing that we hardly see from Omega is incorporating the color red. That is why adding red to the already versatile Aquaterra 150m collection makes it the perfect addition to our Omega 2021 predictions. The Omega Seamaster Aquaterra 150 collections already does an amazing job at mixing colors and we believe that adding red will take this collection to the next level.

*Update* Omega didn’t bring red to the Aqua Terra collection in 2021 but it sure did in 2022. Check out the new red dial and other brilliant colored dial 34 & 38mm Aqua Terras.

6. Day Date Annual Calendar Omega Globemaster

The Omega Globemaster is already well known for its elegance and quality. The only natural progression is to add to the complications which we believe will be to include a day date combined with its annual calendar function. If Omega did this, we believe it can compete within the elite reference from other brands that have a day date complication.

7. Omega Will Limit Its Total Sku Numbers

With production world wide being down, it would only make sense that Omega will limit the number of sku’s that it produces. Omega is a brand that is known for having an inflated number of skus which tends to leads to overstock. To match demand and current manufacturing challenges, we expect Omega to rightsize their manufacturing efforts.

8. Releases Will Be Spread Out During 2021

PR throughout the year makes much more sense than just making one big splash in the spring of every year. With Omega pulling out of Baselworld in 2020, they have now entered into a new release schedule. We expect the trend of 2020 to continue into 2021 with Omega generating additional PR and demand through continuous releases throughout the year.

9. There Will Be No Price Increases For 2021

With the global circumstances, it makes it hard to justify a price increase. Considering current market trends plus the pricing strategies of other watch manufactures, Omega has a real opportunity to price their watches right to attract a considerable amount of buyers

10. Ladies Models Won’t See Any Changes

R&D budget has to be allocated to the most efficient parts of the business and it’s clear that the Omega men’s collections bring in the most business. Until the market turns around, we don’t see Omega investing any additional dollars into a women’s collection.

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