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First Look At The New Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

Check out the newest addition to the Omega dive watch lineup, the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep. With a 6,000m depth rating, the Ultra Deep is instantly one of the best current dive watches.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Review

One of the most notable new Omega 2022 watches is the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep. It has been awhile since Omega has done anything with the Planet Ocean collection. In-fact a redesign of the collection was part of our 2022 Omega predictions list. Well, we were’t exactly right but I think the watch community got something better.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is a completely new collection that has extended the range of the brands dive watches. As of now Omega offers dive watches with ratings of 300m, 600m, and now a staggering 6,000m. This type of spread puts Omega right up there with Rolex dive watches.

At first glance the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is colorful and appears very robust. The size of the watch is noticeable but it’s not so much the case diameter, it is the thickness. Even though I’m not big fan of oversize watches, the Ultra Deep really impressed me and has a favorable impression in my mind. I think that may be because the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is such an over engineered watch. Let’s dive into the features of what makes the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep one of the best serious dive watches.

New O-MEGASTEEL Case Material

Omega has decided to launch their new O-MEGASTEEL stainless steel alloy for the newly released Ultra Deep collection. After reading into the creation of this new proprietary material, I’m really excited of what it might bring to the brand. Essentially O-MEGASTEEL is a more refined allow that strips out the nickel and is replaced by nitrogen and magnesium. Through the pressure electro slag remelting process, Omega has been able to produce a more pure, 50% stronger, and a more lustrous stainless steel.

Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep 6,000m Depth Rating

Noticeable Case Size

If you’re like some, you’ll really enjoy the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep because of it’s size and noticeability. Coming in at 45.5mm in diameter and 18.2mm case thickness, the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep has some serious wrist presence. Not only are these watches wide, they are considerably tall. To achieve the 6,000m depth rating, a more robust case design is needed. Although this new collection by Omega is beautiful to look at, they were made with function in mind first.

Calibre Omega 8912 Movement

Housed in the new 2022 Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep collection is the automatic Calibre Omega 8912. This calibre is Master Chronometer certified and features a co-axial escapement. Notable specs for the Ultra Deep are an anti-magnetic rating of 15,000 gauss and a 60 hour power reserve.

Having personally owned an Omega Master Chronometer movement, I can attest to the reliability and accuracy of these in-house calibres. Omega, in my opinion, has superiority among mass manufactured luxury watch brands when it comes to the quality of movements produced.

The in-house calibre only enhances the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep and further justifies it’s $11,600 price tag.

Colorful References

A healthy mixture of blue, orange, black, and white have been used to create different references to launch the new Planet Ocean Ultra Deep collection by Omega. All references come with the option of either a matching strap or a stainless steel bracelet. All references are mix and match different colors to perfection and have stayed true some of the Planet Ocean design DNA.

Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Specs

CalibreOmega 8912
Power Reserve60 Hours
Fequency3.5 Hz
Case Size45.5mm
Case Thickness18.2mm
Case MaterialO-MEGASTEEL
Water Resistance6,000m (20,000ft)
Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep White Dial Blue Bezel

Pricing & Availability

Pricing ranges from $11,200 MSRP to $11,600 MSRP depending on what bracelet/strap option you select. There is one titanium reference that costs $12,300 MSRP. Expect to see Planet Ocean Ultra Deep arrive at Omega authorized dealers starting in early 2022. It’s hard to predict what the demand will be for these watches since they are a considerable jump in price from other Omega dive watches. It wouldn’t shock me either way if these watches are hard to find or readily available in the case. It’s still too early to tell.

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