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3 Signs That Your Automatic Watch Needs Serviced

Knowing when to service your automatic watch can sometimes be difficult. Learn the top 3 signs that your automatic watch needs serviced.

When Should An Automatic Watch Get Serviced

All automatic watches will need to be serviced at some point in time. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when, which is why we’ve written this article. Knowing when to service an automatic watch can sometimes be tricky, especially if you’re new to automatic watches.

Automatic watches have movements that are made up of hundreds of tiny parts. The combination of small levers, gears, jewels, and more is what allows for accurate timekeeping but over time these parts can wear down and become less efficient. To keep an automatic watches working properly over long periods of time, servicing of the movement will be needed. The interval of servicing dates different between manufactures and quality of watches but they will all need them. Below we’ve listed the top 3 signs that your automatic watch needs serviced.

You’re Watch Becomes Less Accurate

If you find yourself having to reset the time on your watch because its either gaining or losing time more than normal, its a good sign that you’ll have to get your automatic watch serviced soon. If working properly, all the mechanics in the watch should keep accurate time. Over time these components will break, crack, or just wear down. Not to mention that the lubrication of these tiny pieces might dry up as well.

Sending an automatic watch in for service will replace or repair any parts that need it and relubrication of the entire mechanism to ensure efficient energy use and time keeping ability.

The Power Reserve Is Reduced

Since automatic watches are powered by kinetic energy instead of a battery, they all have limited power reserve if not worn constantly. If you notice that if you put your automatic watch down for a day and pick it up the next and your watch has stopped, you’re starting to see signs that you need to get your automatic watch serviced.

If you wear your watch all the time and this starts happening without any deprecation in accuracy, you’re still probably fine to wear this watch for a while longer. Just remember that your automatic watch is starting to tell you that functions are breaking down so you might want to get it serviced sooner rather than later to avoid additional complication in the future.

If you’re having issues keeping your power reserve, read our article discussing how to maintain proper power reserve.

The Watch Simply Stops Moving

If your automatic watch simply wont work, this is the biggest sign that it needs servicing. By this time your watch probably showed you other signs that it needed service but you ignored them. Usually you want to avoid your automatic watch from getting to this point but it sometimes happens. If this is you there is no need to worry. Certified watch makers will have no issues getting your automatic watch back up and running again. It’ll probably cost you though.

Other Things To Know About Servicing Automatic Watches

How Often Should An Automatic Watch Get Serviced

Depending on the manufacture, automatic watches should be serviced every 3-10 years. The better the manufacture the longer the interval between servicing dates.

How Often Should You Oil A Watch

Oiling a watch is included with the servicing of a watch. With that being said some movements require less lubrication than others. Take the Omega Calibre 8800 for example. The co-axial escapement basically eliminates the need for oil therefore extending the service interval. Servicing for all automatic watches should happen every 3-10 years.

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Wrist Watch

The cost to service an automatic watch can range from $300 for simple movements to $2,000+ for more complicated movements. For most Swiss watches you can expect to pay roughly $600 for servicing. It’s worth noting that repairs may come with additional costs. If the watchmaker servicing your watch notices that parts are damaged and need replaced, it will increase the total cost of the service of an automatic watch.

What Does A Watch Service Include

A watch service includes a thorough inspection, cleaning, lubrication, polishing, and testing of the watch. During the inspection the watchmaker will decide if any parts need replaced. The cleaning phase will remove all dirt, grime, or residue collected within the watch over its use. Lubrication of the watch will commence to ensure all moving parts work effortlessly and efficiently. To make the watch look like new, a complete polish of the watch will be done to give it the shine it originally had the day you bought it. Finally testing will be completed to ensure quality control has been maintained.

Should You Get Your Watch Polished When It’s Serviced

Getting your automatic watch polished while its at a service center is a preference. Some people like getting a watch back that looks new while others want to keep the vintage aesthetics. If you plan on selling your watch someday, it’s worth doing research to see if your watch is worth more polished or looking vintage on the pre-owned market before you make your decision.

Where Can You Get Your Watch Serviced At

We suggest going into the dealer that sold you the watch and either have them do the service or send it to the manufacture. Just make sure that wherever you send your automatic watch to for servicing that they are a certified service center.

How Long Do Automatic Watches Last For

Automatic watches can last a lifetime if properly cared for and maintained. That includes regular service intervals and treating your watch with care.

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