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Top 10 Tudor 2021 Predictions: New Watches

What new watches might Tudor release next year? Find out with our Top 10 Tudor 2021 predictions.

2021 Tudor Predictions

Throughout the last 5 years Tudor has outperformed many other watch brands with new releases. They consistently listen to their followers and release in-demand watches that are at affordable price points. They are really almost everything that you’d like to see in a watch brand. The Tudor 2021 predictions list we are presenting is a combination of feedback that we are received on Tudor combined with an analysis of what they might release based on what they’ve done in the past.

Now is the fun part, let’s dive into our Tudor 2021 predictions!

1. New Black Bay GMT With An Updated Date Window

As popular as the Tudor Pepsi GMT was a couple years back, it still had some collectors hold off because of the awkward date window. For a watch that was almost perfect, it just seemed odd that the date window just didn’t look right. Either way we see Tudor doing something new with the date window this year and maybe even introducing new color schemes like its older brother Rolex has done with the GMT Master II collection.

2. Smooth Bezel Option For The New Tudor Royal

One of my favorite releases for this year from Tudor was the Royal collection. In particular I thought the Day Date reference was just stunning. Yes it does take a little bit from the Rolex Day Date but not enough to classify it as a homage watch. As we have seen before with many watch brands, offering alternatives can get you the right buyer. This is one of our Tudor 2021 predictions that we feel very confident about. Tudor will introduce a more subtle smooth bezel on the Tudor Royal collection to appeal to more buyers.

3. Green Black Bay 58

With the Hulk taking a step back from Rolex, it finally allows its counterpart Tudor to jump into the fad of green dive watches. If you’ve read any of our other 2021 predictions with other brands, you’ll notice that we are predicting a lot of green. Obviously it’s a hot color and the elephant in the room just got discontinued. Our most exciting pick of our Tudor 2021 predictions list is the introduction of a Green Black Bay 58. It’s something that may not be very original but something that would demand waitlists and preowned sales over MSRP.

4. More In-House Movements Developed At Kenissi

Tudor has developed a manufacturing arm to the company called Kenissi. Kenissi is a new watchmaking factory that is part owned by Tudor. We expect that this investment wasn’t only to outsource movements to other brands. We foresee Kenissi developing many new in-house movements for most if not all of the Tudor collections. We predict that an increase in new in-house movements will take place in 2021.

5. Tudor Pelagos Will Get a Splash of More Color

The Tudor Pelagos has been out for a couple years now and has a pretty solid reputation. There are many watch enthusiasts that will tell you the blue on that watch might be the best blue on the market. It may be time for Tudor to introduce another dial / bezel color combination that will keep the fanboys loving the Tudor Pelagos divers.

6. Heritage Chrono Will Get a New Movement and Look

The Tudor Heritage Chrono has done well for itself over the years. It’s hard to find one in the case and they outperform expectations. It has been a while though since we’ve seen an update and really the only color splash we see is the orange. We expect for our Tudor 2021 predictions that the Heritage Chrono will either get an updated look or at least some new color references. If we would have to guess, new color references will feature either a red or a teal blue color.

7. “Self-Winding Rotor” Will Finally Be Removed From Dials

One thing that annoys me about some of the Tudor watches is that “Self-Winding Rotor” is printed on the dial and I know that I’m not alone. We should just expect that if Tudor has an automatic movement cased in a watch that it should be self-winding without stating it. We are in modern times and having a self winding rotor shouldn’t be a feature or selling point. This is an easy switch that could help buyers on the fence move on over because of that unneeded dial text. And yes, it has prevented people from buying those watches, I’m one of them.

8. No Price Increase For 2021

We don’t see Tudor doing a price increase for 2021 for two reasons. The first one is that they are positioned very nicely where they are at the moment. Tudor is known for providing high quality watches at lower luxury price points. A lot of people buy Tudor watches for the value and for that reason I don’t see them doing what brands like Seiko and Grand Seiko have done. The second reason is the global economic environment. Things will get better sooner than what we would all believe but we aren’t there yet.

9. Tudor Black Bay 41 Will Get a New Bracelet

Apart from getting rid of the “Self-Winding Rotor” on the Tudor Black Bay 41, we see a new stainless steel bracelet coming forward as well. As of right now you can only get the Tudor Black Bay 41 in stainless steel on a simple 3 link bracelet whereas you can get the two tone with a jubilee. Our Tudor 2021 predictions list will include the stainless steel BB41 will get a second option for a bracelet which will be the jubilee.

10. Expect a Textured Dial From One of the Collections

We’ve seen other brands incorporate textured dials and have had massive success, especially with limited edition watches. Tudor is ripe for capturing some of this demand with adding creative textured dials to any of their collections. 

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