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Rolex 2022 Models Release Date & What You Need To Know

Find out when the Rolex 2022 models release date is and how to stay on top of news of the Rolex 2022 release event at Watches & Wonders.

When Will Rolex Release Their New 2022 Models

*Update* 2022 Rolex watches have been announced. View the 2022 Rolex releases.

Rolex is scheduled to release their new 2022 models at Watches & Wonders 2022. This event is scheduled for March 30th and the show will be in Geneva Switzerland.

Every year there is significant hype around what Rolex is going to release and that is no different in 2022. There are a large amount of collectors hoping to see a new Rolex released that they want and many others hope to see one in their possession get discontinued. Either way, new Rolex release announcements get the attention of many and I don’t blame people for getting excited. Rolex is notoriously famous for being tight lipped. It’s very rare that secrets or leaks get out.

How To View Watches & Wonders 2022

Rolex will be releasing their new 2022 watches at Watches & Wonders, both digitally and with a physical exhibition. The best way to view the launch party will be on the Watches & Wonders website. We’ll also covering the event as well and will be writing a thorough analysis of each new 2022 Rolex model.

New 2022 Rolex Watch Predictions

We’ve still got time left before the March 30th Rolex 2022 model release date. While we are here let’s have some fun and talk about what Rolex might do. We’ve completed our Rolex 2022 predictions, check it out and let’s see how many we get right.

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