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Nomos Club Campus 38 Review & What You Need To Know

In our Nomos Club Campus 38 review we’ll cover why this watch is credited with the meteoric rise of the German watchmaker, Nomos.

Nomos Club Campus 38 Review

If there were two words that I could use to describe the Nomos Club Campus 38 it would be “versatile” and “fun”. When we got hands on with this watch we were lucky enough to handle one of the most in demand limited editions, which you can read that specific experience here. During our time with this collection, it was evident that Nomos has tapped into a sweet spot in the watch market. There is plenty of demand for watches that are produced in-house, are fun to wear, and can be bought at a tremendous value. The Nomos Club Campus 38 checks all those boxes and has played a role in the tremendous growth of the brand.

We think that the Nomos Club Campus 38 sits well with watch enthusiasts. During my research for this review I came across multiple influencers in the watch space that all said the same thing. What everyone seemed to be in agreement was that the Nomos Club Campus 38 won’t get you much recognition from the novice watch fan but it will garner tons of respect from the experienced enthusiasts. I think this is because these German watchmakers haven’t cut corners and are producing high quality watches at entry level prices. To the experienced enthusiasts it’s not how much a watch costs that gains it respect but rather the overall horological value that it brings to the table.

For a video review, discover our youtube video for our full hands on review of the Nomos Club Campus.

What we aim to cover with our Nomos Club Campus 38 review is to discuss the movement, dial options, case design, specs, and commonly asked questions.

Nomos Club Campus 38 Alpha Movement

A shock to a lot of people who are new to watches is that many of the brands they grew up knowing don’t actually produce the most important part of their watch, which is the movement. It’s almost a let down to fall in love with a watch to learn that it’s the sum of outsourced parts rather than a finely crafted unique timepiece. The Nomos Club Campus 38 isn’t one of those disappointing watches.

The Nomos Club Campus 38 is fitted with the Alpha in-house manual wound movement. The Alpha movement is known for its thin frame which makes it impressive because it still has a power reserve of 43 hours. Accuracy and finishing are also important aspects of the Nomos in-house Alpha movement.


The dial on the Nomos Club Campus 38 simply makes this watch fun and exciting. Color combinations of the dial & indices include very bright colors that pop on the wrist. The versatility of the dial designs can enable the wearer to have a more casual look or more sophisticated. It all just depends on how loud you want to be!

An interesting feature of the Nomos Club Campus 38 dial is the hour markers. This watch has whats called a California dial. These dials have a combination of both arabic and roman numerals to display time. This just adds to the “interesting” factor of the Nomos Club Campus 38.

Located at the six o’clock position is the running seconds sub dial. The seconds hands colored accent is small but can make all the difference in many of the color combinations. If you weren’t sold on the movement of this watch, my guess is that you’ll at least find a dial that will pique your interest.


The case on the Nomos Club Campus 38 isn’t’ actually 38mm but rather 38.5mm. The lug width is 20mm and the Nomos Club Campus 38 lug to lug is 47mm.

In a world where large watches are dominating the market, it is refreshing to see finely executed watches that are coming in at more traditional dimensions.

The cases for the Nomos Club Campus 38 all are made from stainless steel. Although they are all made of the same material, finishing can differ for limited editions like the Nomos Club Brinkers 48.

Nomos Club Campus 38 On Wrist

I have a 7 inch wrist and I honestly have to say that it felt almost perfect on the wrist. I was a little surprised about this because I don’t have anything under 41mm in my personal collection. After my first hand experience with the Nomos Club Campus 38, I see the value in a slightly small size which can be better for everyday / all day wearability.

Nomos Club Campus 38 Specs

  • Production: 50 pieces
  • Case Size: 38.5mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Caseback: Sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM
  • Movement: Manual
  • Calibre: Alpha
  • Power Reserve: 43 Hours
  • Jewels: 17

Nomos Club Campus 38 Pricing & Availability

Nomos Club Campus 38 watches are priced at $1,650 MSRP and are readily available at Nomos authorized dealers.

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