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Get To Know The In-House Nomos Alpha Movement

The Nomos Alpha caliber movement is credited with the skyrocketing popularity of Nomos and contributes to the value of Nomos watches.

Nomos Alpha Caliber In-House Movement

Nomos is known for being a high value entry level priced watch. The largest part of that value equation is the movements housed in their watches. The first generation of Nomos in-house movements was the Alpha Caliber. This manual wound movement is one of the biggest reasons why watch enthusiasts have flocked to the brand and love their watches.

In this article we’ll answer some of the most common questions wrist watch fans have about the Alpha Caliber.

Is The Alpha Caliber A Quality Movement

The Alpha Movement is a quality in-house movement that is partly responsible for the increased popularity of the Nomos brand. Don’t let the price tag fool you or get stuck thinking that because Nomos watches are priced at entry level mean their movements aren’t any good. Nomos has figured out how to produce quality movements that are finished at a price point that most can afford.

How Accurate Is The Nomos Alpha movement

Although Nomos doesn’t give us accuracy ratings, they do give us the following information on their website; “The accuracy of NOMOS watches closely approximates the performance criteria for chronometers that are tested in accordance with ISO 3159.”

Nomos Alpha Caliber Specs

  • Height: 2.6 mm
  • Diameter: 23.3 mm
  • Movement: Manual
  • Power Reserve: 43 Hours
  • Jewels: 17
  • Finishing: Perlage

Watches That House the Alpha Movement

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