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Nomos Club Brinkers 48 Limited Edition | Limited To 50 Pieces

Discover the Nomos Club Brinkers 48 that was limited to 50 pieces. This watch celebrates 48 years in business and a special collaboration between Brinkers and Nomos.

Nomos Club Campus Brinkers 48 Limited Edition

One of the most popular limited editions of the Nomos Club Campus collection is the Nomos Club Brinkers 48. Brinkers is a local jeweler located in Evansville Indiana who commissioned Nomos to help celebrate 48 years in business with this special limited edition.


The dial on the Nomos Club Brinkers 48 is a slate grey that has a stunning textured look to it, almost sandblast. Fortunately we were able to see this watch in person and can attest to how well the light blue and grey play off each other. This color combination is significant to Brinkers Jewelers because they were the original logo colors when the business launched 48 years ago.


What makes the case on the Nomos Club Brinkers 48 so special is that it has a sandblast finish. To my knowledge I believe this is the only Nomos watch that incorporates a sandblast finish which makes this limited edition even more exclusive.

The process to produce a watch with this finish is actually more difficult than one may think. The polishing and finish needs to absolutely perfect before the sandblast finish is applied. This is because once this process takes place, there is no redo. It was evident that once we held the Nomos Club Brinkers 48 limited edition that lots of thought went into its construction.


The Nomos Club Brinkers 48 limited edition is housed with the infamous Alpha movement. This is an in-house movement produced by Nomos that played a major role in the brands acceleration in the recent past.

Important information to know about the Nomos Alpha movement is that it is slim (2.6mm), manual wound, 43 hour power reserve, and perlage finishing.

Nomos Alpha In-House Movement Brinkers 48

Nomos Club Brinkers 48 Specs

  • Production: 50 pieces
  • Case Size: 38.5mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Caseback: Sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM
  • Movement: Manual
  • Calibre: Alpha
  • Power Reserve: 43 Hours
  • Jewels: 17

Nomos Club Brinkers 48 Pricing & Availability

Due to the extremely limited number in which the Nomos Club Brinkers 48 was produced, there aren’t anymore available that can be purchased new. On occasion, if you set alerts you’ll find them, these watches appear on online marketplaces.

When these watches were available at retail the price was $2,150. Since being sold out, the Nomos Club Brinkers 48 limited edition is often listed above retail.

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