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Top 10 Tag Heuer 2021 Predictions: New Releases

Discover our Top 10 Tag Heuer 2021 Predictions and which watches they might release. Find out the potential new Tag Heuer 2021 releases.

2021 Tag Heuer Predictions

Tag Heuer is one of the biggest brands in the watch industry and definitely not short on creativity. Our Tag Heuer 2021 predictions will speculate what the new 2021 Tag Heuer watches will be combined with strategic moves we believe the company will make.

1. Considerable Expansion Of The Autavia Collection

When Tag Heuer launched the Autavia collection many people instantly compared it to when Tudor launched the first editions of the Black Bay collection. We hold those same views at It would be wise for Tag Heuer to listen to the market’s perception and comparison and attempt to mimic what Tudor has done with the expansion of the Autavia collection.

2. Updated Tag Heuer Aquaracer

As a previous owner of the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m, I have to say that I have completely enjoyed my ownership. With that being said I can entirely see an update coming for our Tag Heuer 2021 predictions list. Many other brands are taking their dive watch collections to the next level which include new materials, dials, bezels, and in-house movements. Tag Heuer is in a prime position within the Aquaracer price point to introduce a new hot dive watch into the market.

3. Tag Heuer Connected Is Left Unchanged

It’s been a couple years now and it’s safe to say that the Tag Heuer Connected hasn’t been the hit that many thought that it might be. To be fair, the Connected competes against the iWatch and the many competitors that operate for Android. I personally think that the experiment is over but the Tag Heuer Connected will still be available for purchase at least for the next few years.

4. More In-House Tag Heuer Movements

In an effort to keep up with the current trend of developing in-house movements, Tag Heuer has released two new manufacture calibres in recent years. We expect that trend to continue for our Tag Heuer 2021 predictions so they can stay on par with other major watch brands.

5. More References For The Redesigned Carrera

One of the best new designs for 2020 was the redesigned Tag Heuer Carrera Chronographs. We expect to see more colorful releases of this collection to capture demand through limited editions and popular color references.

6. Tag Heuer Gets Back To The Basics

In recent years with the focus on a smart watch collection, it’s our opinion that Tag Heuer has strayed a bit too far from what a luxury Swiss watch brand should be and from what has made them so popular in the past. The release of the Autavia a couple years ago and the new Carrera designs recently are under appreciated opportunities that we think the brand will capitalize on in 2021. We see Tag Heuer focusing more on traditional Swiss watch making and what their core market is and was interested in to recoup market share.

7. Re-Branding Efforts

If it’s not clear by now, we expect the year of 2021 to be the year that Tag Heuer gets the brand back on track. When you combine our Tag Heuer 2021 predictions of not pursing the Connected collection while at the same time investing in collections that have major potential, huge re-branding efforts will be in motion.

Unfortunately it’s not easy to quickly describe the Tag Heuer brand like you can do with many of their competitors. That’s why we see 2021 being the perfect year for that and if done right, we think Tag Heuer can be the most improved watch brand of the year.

8. No Price Increases For 2021

It’s pretty simple. Economies are still bouncing back from a crazy 2020. That means that luxury goods are going to be a bit flat. Even though brands that compete in higher price points may not have been affected by the current economy, the entry to mid level price point brands have experienced more difficulties. For that reason alone we see Tag Heuer keeping their MSRP level for 2021.

9. Consolidation Of Overall References

We predict that not only Tag Heuer but the entire watch market will consolidate the number of references (sku’s) that are produced. This strategic decision will be to improve economies of scale and to maximize on the demand on their most popular references.

10. Tag Heuer Will Be The Most Improved Brand Of 2021

We are super bullish on Tag Heuer for 2021. The company has the creative talent, in-house movements, brand recognition, and a loyal following. Once they get back to the basics, we think it will be easier for users to connect with the brand and eventually purchase more of the product.

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