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Top 10 Breitling 2021 Predictions: New Releases

Breitling is on the rise and we think the trend will continue. Check out our Breitling 2021 predictions and discover the rumors that might come true for their 2021 collections.

2021 Breitling Predictions

Breitling has been a brand that has a solid history but to some have underwhelmed over the last 5 years. With that being said we were huge fans of what they released this year and we think they’ll do the same next year with our Breitling 2021 predictions.

1. More References For the Breitling Chronomat B01 42

By far the biggest release for Breitling this year was the new Breitling Chronomat B01 42. Breitling took a trip down memory lane with the design and went with a vintage re-release. With the B01 42 being the future of the Chronomat collection, it only makes sense for a Breitling 2021 predictions list that it would include an increased investment into this collection.

2. Breitling Superocean Heritage Will Get A New Look

Yes we know that this is a heritage piece but it has been long overdue for this collection to get an update. After all we saw the Breitling update another diver series this year and it saw tremendous success.

3. New Breitling Professional

It’s happened so often since the Breitling Professionals inception, they’ve constantly have improved on this collection. This year is not different. We are faced with plenty of new challenges in 2020 and I bet that Breitling is preparing to equip their survival Professional series to be up to a new challenge.

4. The Breitling Premier Line Up Gets Expanded

If you ask the online community, you’ll probably hear that their favorite watches within the Breitling line ups come from the Premier collection. To be honest I’m in agreement with them. The Premier collection speaks to a wider audience and is near perfectly designed. This is one of the easier Breitling 2021 predictions we have made.

5. Navitimer 8 & Aviator 8 Start To Get Phased Out

This is just our own speculation but we’ve concluded that these two collections have flopped. The closest comparison we commonly hear for these watches is that they look like overpriced Fossil watches. I know that is harsh and I’m not going that far but I do agree it doesn’t fit the DNA of a traditional Breitling look.

6. More New In-House Movements

To keep up with competition, we foresee Breitling developing more in house movements that have an increased power reserve. This task is totally within Breitling’s wheelhouse and is something I expect them to be a market leader with.

7. Breitling Will Decrease Production

If you follow the grey market you’ll notice that there isn’t a shortage of new Breitlings that are being sold well below MSRP. What this tells us is that dealers or the manufacture are dumping high quantities of unsold inventory. To protect the pricing of the brand and to match production with demand, we see Breitling rightsizing production for our Breitling 2021 predictions.

8. No Price Increases For 2021

We’ve predicted this for most brands for 2021. The current economic environment may not be the worst for the demographic that can afford a luxury Swiss watch but value will most likely be considered more in 2021 than ever before.

9. More Limited Edition Releases

Breitling has traditionally been a very creative brand and their style of watches allow for great color combinations. We foresee in our Breitling 2021 predictions that they will team up with other brands or play with many different short run color combinations to maximize demand.

10. Increased Warranty Length

One thing that we think Breitling can do to increase the value of their watches is to increase the manufacture warranty period. This might be especially true considering that after Breitling was sold some years ago, there have been some questions about if the new ownership group is better than the previous.

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