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Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G Root Beer Review: The Best Value GMT

Discover the new Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G Root Beer with our full in-depth review and why it’s the best value GMT watch.

Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G Review

Launched in 2022, the two tone Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G instantly captured the hearts and minds of watch enthusiasts across the world. Everyone expected for Tudor to come out with some amazing new watches in 2022 but I don’t know if anyone expected something like this.

The Black Bay GMT S&G is Tudors first reference in expanding the collection from the original Pepsi that was released in 2018. Many thought we were getting a coke version or at least something in stainless steel. This time, I’m glad the community was wrong.

Enough of the hype, let’s begin to talk about the watch. The two stand out features of this watch are the brown & black bezel and the mixture of stainless steel and yellow gold. Some might say that this is a little flashy for the brand, mostly known for being tool watches, but it’s such a great combination. It kind of reminds us of another watch produced by Tudors big brother Rolex, the Root Beer GMT Master II. Comparing both of these watches side by side and you’ll instantly notice some similarities but after close consideration, you’ll start to notice that both can stand on their own.

What make the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G unique is that it has all the qualities, features, and value of its comparison that is sold at a much higher price tag. With a MSRP price of $5,550 the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G is one of the best value purchases of maybe any GMT watch on the market. For that price you get a watch that has an in-house movement that is COSC certified, gold, brand recognition, superb quality control, and is manufactured to last a lifetime. It’s hard to beat the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G on quality and price.

Root Beer Bezel

When I first saw the aluminum bezel color of brown and black I instantly smiled. It literally warmed my heart that Tudor had decided to come out with their own version of the Root Beer. This color combination, in my opinion, can only be pulled off when matched with a two two watch. The day night visibility may not be a vibrant on other GMT watches but I bet there are only a few that look better than this one.

Calibre MT5652

Tudor as a brand has made great strides when it comes to their movements. They have made consistent investments into their R&D and manufacturing capabilities over the years and they are finally starting to show in their collections. In the past Tudor has been slightly criticized for only using the MT5652 movement in only one of their watches. Seeing this calibre now being used in two more watches, the Tudor Black Bay Pro being the other, is a great sign that the investment has been paying off.

When it comes to the specs of the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G movement, well they are pretty good. The accuracy rating is +/- 2 seconds per day and the power reserve is 70 hours. Exactly what you’d expect from modern watchmaking technology and a brand on the level of Tudor.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing for the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G Root Beer starts out at $4,300 MSRP for the leather and nato strap references and $5,550 for the two tone bracelet reference. I’d challenge anyone to go find another GMT that is as good as this one in two tone at that price point. It might take you awhile.

Availability for the Black Bay GMT S&G is limited. With all new releases, there will be increased demand for some time but after awhile it will subside.

Waitlist For The Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G Root Beer

Expect for there to be a waitlist for this watch but not to the same lengths as other watches in the Tudor collection. Our estimate is average waitlist times for customers who have a prior relationship with a Tudor authorized dealer is 3-9 months.


Case Size41mm
Case & Bracelet MaterialsStainless Steel & Yellow Gold
Water Resistance200m
Power Reserve70 Hours


After thoroughly researching the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G Root Beer I’d have to say that Tudor once again delivered on producing an amazing watch. After looking back at the last couple years of watch releases from the brand, it’s obvious that they have a plan and have been clearly been winning with it.

Overall the value of this watch is hard to beat. It’s difficult to execute a watch of this quality and do it with yellow gold at the price point Tudor has. We expect this watch to be a major winner for many years to come.

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