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2021 Omega Speedmaster Rumors – New Moon Watch

Omega is launching a new Moon Watch in 2021. Discover the most accurate Omega Speedmaster rumors and news.

New Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch Rumors

Update: The new 2021 Speedmaster Moonwatch has been released. Discover this watch with our full hands-on review.

It’s the worst kept surprise of this year, there will be a new Omega Speedmaster launched in 2021. Yes, the 2021 Omega Speedmaster rumors are true and we’re excited about the launch of the new Speedmaster. As of now the only rumor that we know is true is that we are getting a new Omega Speedmaster. There have been some leaked photos on some of the Omega forums that have given us some indication of what we might expect.

Since the posting of the leaked photos, they have since been removed which leads me to think that Omega jumped in and asked to have them removed. That is a good sign that we’ve been let in on their big secret for 2021. Like all rumors, our Omega Speedmaster rumors are pure speculation but based on evidence we’ve seen, we think they are pretty accurate.

Ok now the fun part, let’s dive into the new 2021 Omega Speedmaster Professional rumors !

For more information on the new Omega Speedmaster, check out our YouTube video.

How We Know The Current Speedmaster Professional Is Going To Be Discontinued Soon

We’ve heard from reliable sources that Omega authorized dealers aren’t allowed to purchase any additional inventory for the Speedmaster Professional collection. This is a sure sign that there will be a release soon.

What leads us to believe that this is a fact and not a new Omega Speedmaster rumor is that prices on the pre-owned market are climbing as well. This means that getting a hold of these watches is getting more difficult because there isn’t enough inventory.

The New Speedmaster Professional Will Get A New Movement

The most likely of our 2021 new Omega Speedmaster rumors is the upgrade of the movement. The current caliber of the Moon Watch is the in-house manual wound 1861. This movement has accompanied the Speedmaster for a long time and has done its job well but it’s time for an upgrade. The rumored movement to replace the caliber 1861 is the caliber 3861.

The caliber 3861 is a manual wound movement which is similar to the 1861 except for the fact that it has a co-axial escapement and will be Master Chronometer certified. Upgrading the Omega Speedmasters Professional Moon Watch’s movement will complete Omega’s entire collection to the Master Chronometer status.

Case & Bracelet Of The New Omega Speedmaster Will Resemble The 50th Anniversary Edition

After viewing a screenshot of the leaked photo that is rumored to be the new Omega Speedmaster, we’ve concluded that the case and bracelet will resemble the 50th anniversary editions look. This is a subtle change that is hardly noticeable but still a change. In its current form, the case and bracelet are almost perfect. We were happy to observe that they changes wouldn’t be drastic.

The Bezel Returns To A “Dot Over 90” Pre-Moon Speedmaster

As many of you may know, there have been many different types of Speedmaster Professional over the years. One of the most popular features of the watch is the bezel. The leaked image showed the new bezel to actually be a return of a version that was a pre-moon Speedmaster. This bezel is called “Dot Over 90” and it gets its name because the dot indicator on the bezel is literally over the 90 on the tachymeter. Over the years the dot has moved to different positions related to the 90 but most collectors appreciate the “Dot Over 90” so it’s nice to see Omega catering to their enthusiasts.

2021 speedmaster rumors

The New Speedmasters Will Have A Stepped Dial

We see it again with the new rumored dial of the Speedmaster Professional, Omega is giving their enthusiasts exactly what they want. Vintage models that have the “Stepped Dial” command a large price tag because of the dial quality, design, and availability. The new Omega Speedmaster rumor of the “Stepped Dial” is sure to get the lovers of the Moon Watch excited.

There Will Be A Slight Price Increase For The New Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch

I think many people are anticipating a large increase for the Moon Watch and rightfully so. We don’t have first hand knowledge of what the price increase will be but after viewing multiple sources we trust, we are anticipating the price increase of the Omega Speedmaster Professional to be roughly $700. This is less than what we were expecting so it’s a win but could also make it harder to find in the case. Let’s just hope that Omega has production humming to get these out in the cases.

In Closing

After doing research on each of the 2021 new Omega Speedmaster rumors, it really feels like Omega is giving the market what it wants. Omega has listened to what their collectors have enjoyed about the different variations over the years and seem to be putting them all together in one. This is exactly what we ask of watch brands to do and I expect the market to reward Omega greatly if the new Omega Speedmaster Professional rumors are true. Great job Omega!

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