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Is Oris Considered A Luxury Watch & Do They Hold Their Value

Oris watches are quality watches but discover if they are considered a luxury and if Oris watches hold their value.

Oris Watches

Founded in 1904, Oris is one of oldest Swiss watchmakers. Still being a privately held company, Oris is free of large conglomerates, which allows them to pursue their unique vision of watchmaking. Today Oris is known for their creative prowess and their continuous innovation at affordable prices. The brand is known for combing unique materials, complications, and causes to create compelling watches.

The average retail price of an Oris watch ranges from $2,250 to $4,500. Oris watches are positioned as an excellent value and priced relatively low for the luxury watch industry. Collectors enjoy Oris because they get innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship at affordable luxury watch pricing.

Are Oris Watches Considered A Luxury

Oris watches are considered luxury watches because of their manufacturing quality, in-house movements, and brand prestige. Within the luxury watch market there are tiers and even though Oris is considered a luxury watch, they are positioned as entry level luxury.

Even though Oris is committed to being an accessible brand, with regards to price, they have recently taken massive leaps forward in their watchmaking technology. They have developed their in-house calibre 400 movement, which is a chronometer rated and has a 5 day power reserve. An upgrade like this undoubtably launches Oris into new categories as a brand and further elevates them as a luxury watchmaker.

Do Oris Watches Hold Their Value

Even though Oris watches are considered luxury watches, they do not do well at holding their value if purchased at retail prices. The best way to retain the value of an Oris watch is to either buy it pre-owned or purchase new at a discount from authorized dealers.

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