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How Much Is A Seiko Watch: Seiko 2023 Pricing Guide

Discover how much a Seiko watch costs with our complete 2023 pricing guide that includes all modern references and collection from Seiko.

How Much Does A Seiko Cost

The cost of a Seiko watch ranges from $275 MSRP all the way up to $6,500 MSRP. Even though the cost of Seiko varies widely, the average price of a Seiko is between $500-$1,000.

For years we have been researching and watching Seiko grow as a brand. While we were collecting our data on how much a Seiko watch costs, we learned a lot. What was clear from our research and analysis was that Seiko watches have started to increase in both price and quality.

Seiko watches have been known for being affordable which translated to good value. In our expert opinion, after evaluating all the technical specs and comparing them to the prices of current Seiko watches, Seiko has moved up market and they have earned the right to do so. They are delivering much better watches and with that comes a cost.

After revealing our Seiko price list, its evident that Seiko watches cost more than ever before but they are delivering more than they ever have. Accuracy, technology, materials, and designs have all improved with modern Seiko watches. Improvements in materials, accuracy, overall bid quality, and design have evolved the brand from being affordable watches to being semi-affordable watches that deliver exceptional value for their price point.

Do Seiko Watches Hold Their Value

In general, Seiko watches do not hold their value well. There are only a few limited edition models that will occasionally increase in value over time but for the most part value retention is not what Seiko watches are known for.

Are Seiko Watches Expensive

Traditionally Seiko watches have not been expensive watches and most can be purchased for less than $750. Seiko is known for being a value brand, which means producing quality watches at affordable prices.

Over the last 5 years there has been evidence that Seiko has shifted its focus on technically better watches which has naturally lifted the average price of a Seiko watch.

2022 Seiko Price List For All Models & References

There are many different Seiko references and the whole collection is quite large. In this article we have included pricing for all current models and links to explore the watches further on Seiko’s website.

How Much Is A Seiko LX

Seiko LX watches are the highest end watches that Seiko makes. They are fitted with their most advanced movements which include spring drive and hi-beats. The LX line is as close as Seiko is going to get to its superior sister brand, Grand Seiko.

The price of a Seiko LX is starts at $5,000 MSRP and goes up to $6,500 MSRP. With price points at this level, the Seiko LX line is undoubtably the most expensive collection offered by Seiko.

How Much Is A Seiko Prospex Sea

The iconic Seiko Prospex Sea collection pricing starts at $395 MSRP and tops out at $795 MSRP with the average cost being $525 MSRP.

Seiko has mostly been known for their dive watches and more specifically the SKX series. When Seiko decided to create a higher quality dive watch that can mostly be purchased for less than $2,000, it set the Seiko community on fire. The most recent Ice Diver watches are a real beauty and should be hitting the stores soon.

How Much Is A Seiko Prospex Land

The Seiko Prospex Land watches offer a perfect vintage appeal at a price that is affordable. For this collection, the average price is roughly $725 with the least expensive Prospex Land costing $525 and the most expensive being $3,600.

How Much Is A Seiko Prospex Speedtimer

If there is one collection within Seiko that has done well at standing out from the rest it is the Prospex Speedtimer. These racing inspired watches are fitted with upgraded movements and are considered some of the highest quality Seiko watches in production.

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer watches start out at $675 MSRP and cost as much at $3,200 MSRP with the average pricing being $3,000 MSRP.

How Much Is A Seiko Presage

When the Presage collection was released, it instantly became one of the top Seiko watches sold. Since then the collection has expanded massively and ranges greatly in price and available upgrades. After gathering data for our Seiko watches pricing guide it was clear that Seiko is clearly fueling their growth from the expansion of the Presage collection.

The least expensive Seiko Presage is $425 with the most expensive being $2,400. The average price of this Seiko watch collection is roughly $1,000.

How Much Is A Seiko Presage

How Much Is A Seiko Astron

When it comes to technology, Seiko watches do not fall short. The best example of this is Seiko Astron watches. These include both GPS technology for accurate timekeeping and a dial that harnesses light to power the watch. 

Seiko Astron watches start out at $1,600 and cost as much at $2,900 with the average price being $2,500.

How Much Is A King Seiko

The most recent King Seiko collection pays respect to the originals produced many years ago. This 37mm mens watch is a bit small for current standards but stays true to its original dimensions.

A King Seiko can be purchased for $1,700 MSRP and you have your choice of 5 different dial colors.

How Much Is A Seiko SKX Sports Style

Arguably the most historically popular Seiko watch is the SKX Sports Style or commonly known as a Seiko Diver. This Seiko watch collection is extremely affordable considering its value, which is why it has always been a fan favorite. A Seiko SKX Sports Style can be purchased for as low as $275 and as high as $350. There are plenty of references to choose from and Seiko has always done a great job introducing new amazing models.

How Much Is A Seiko SKX Suits Style

The most sophisticated Seiko SKX collection is the Suits Style. Even though at first glance it might look similar to other Seiko watch collections, the Suits Style sets itself a part with an elegant mesh bracelet. The mesh bracelet is hardly used by Seiko so just its presence with the Suits style collection says speaks volumes.

All Seiko watches within the SKX Suits Style costs $350 MSRP.

How Much Is A Seiko SKX Street Style

The Seiko SKX Street Style might be the most fun watch that Seiko produces. They are meant to be “hip” and “cool” and appeal to a younger generation. A great example is the recent One Piece Seiko watches released. There were 4 One Piece watches released that are uniquely designed for specific characters and they only cost $440, which is a great value.

Seiko SKX Street Style watches start at $335 MSRP and cost as much as $440 MSRP.

How Much Is A Seiko SKX Sense Style

The Seiko SKX Sense Style is a perfect name for the collection because it chases trends and brings on amazing limited edition watches. Seiko senses trends and incorporates that into these Seiko watches. A great example of this is Queen’s guitarists Brian May “Red Special” Seiko watch.

The Seiko SKX Sense Style cost ranges between $335 and $595. Limited edition Seiko watches usually cost a bit more in the Sense Style collection.

How Much Is A Seiko Coutura

What makes the Seiko Coutura watch special is the technology that powers it. The Seiko Coutura collection is powered by light and some of the references accuracy are controlled by radio signals. What this means is that these Seiko watches are extremely accurate and completely reliable.

The Seiko Coutura collection price ranges from $425 to $695 MSRP with the average cost being $550.

How Much Is A Seiko Field Sports Style

A field, or military, watch is the most pure tool watch. Seiko has done an excellent job at delivering a field watch that everyone can love at a price many can afford. All the Seiko Field Sports Style watches cost $275

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Seiko A Luxury Brand

Seiko is not considered a luxury brand but certain collections within Seiko are scratching the surface. A great example of that is the Seiko LX line.

Are Seiko Good Watches

Seiko watches are considered very good watches at the price point they are sold at. Most often the value you get from a Seiko watch exceeds what it costs.

Do Seiko Watches Keep Accurate Time

Depending on the Seiko watch and movement inside of it, some Seiko watches are considered accurate and others not so much. The Astron and Coutura collections timekeeping accuracy is controlled by radio signals so they will always be extremely accurate. Other models with automatic movements have daily accuracy variations of +25/-15 seconds per day. This accuracy rating lags behind what most consider to be accurate, +2/-2 seconds per day, but for the price of many Seiko watches, their rating is acceptable.

Whats The Difference Between Seiko And Grand Seiko

Although there are many difference between Seiko and Grand Seiko, the easiest way to describe the difference is that Seiko is mass produced and Grand Seiko is not. Much more R&D, care, and skill is involved with producing Grand Seiko watches which is why they are considered elite in the world of watchmaking.

Where Are Seiko Watches Made

Seiko watches are produced and manufactured in Japan.

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