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Swatch & Blancpain Set To Release A Fifty Fathoms Watch 9.9.23

Swatch is set to release another collaboration watch, this time with Blancpain. The Swatch Blancpain watches are set to release on 9.9.23. Discovery what we know and what is still a mystery.

*Update* The Blancpain Swatch Bioceramic Fifty Fathoms has been released. Check out our article to get all the news about the launch.

Swatch Aims To Shake Up The World Of Watches Again

The Swatch Group is at it again and set to shock the watch community with their new collaboration watch with Blancpain. This will be their second collaboration with one of the luxury watch brands in their portfolio, the first being Omega. Their first release, the Moonswatch, was undoubtably an instant classic with demand that The Swatch Group couldn’t have anticipated.

Blancpain is well known for having the first original dive watch, the Fifty Fathoms. Although it hasn’t been announced which Blancpain collection Swatch will release, the teaser image hints to the Fifty Fathoms because of the 5 oceans it names. The 5 oceans mentioned were the Artic, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Antartic Oceans. I’m excited to see what creativity lies ahead of us.

Looking back, I hope Swatch improves on the buying experience for these watches. I know myself, like many others, wanted to get a Moonswatch but simply couldn’t based on geographical limitations. Let’s hope that Swatch has learned from their blunders in the past and launch the new Swatch Blancpain watch to more success.

When Will The Swatch Blancpain Watches Be Released

The Swatch Blancpain watch is set to be released on September 9th 2023. This is publicly available information that is listed both on Swatch’s and Blancpain’s website.

What We Know

There is a collaboration between Swatch and Blancpain: This is obvious but still needs to be stated. Both brands websites and teaser image provide this information.

The Fifty Fathoms will be the chosen collection: Blancpains most famous watch and the one that has the most heritage is the Fifty Fathoms. Combine that with the teaser image of the oceans and this just makes sense.

Five watches will be released: The teaser image highlights 5 different oceans which all indicate that there will be 5 different colorways or designs to honor the Fifty Fathoms collection.

The release date: The Swatch Blancpain watches will be released on 9.9.23.

Demand for these watches will be incredible: The first collaboration that Swatch did was monumental and the Blancpain release will only add momentum to the gold mine that Swatch has struck.

What We Don’t Know

Will the Swatch Blancpain watches will be sold online: All indications point that Swatch will maintain the same strategy with the release of the Blancpain watches as it did with the Moonswatch, which will be selling them in boutiques only.

Will the Swatch Blancpain watches be water resistant: The Fifty Fathoms is a dive watch so it’ll be interesting if Swatch has someone found a way to manufacture these watches with impressive water resistance.

What is the retail price of the Swatch Blancpain watches: The Moonswatch retails for $270, which is below the secondary market. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Blancpain releases with a significantly higher retail price based on expected demand.

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